Lucky Bastard by S. G. Browne

By SMW Staff

Lucky Bastard by S G BrowneThere’s an old saying about making your own luck, but what if you can steal and then sell it? In his anticipated third novel, critically-acclaimed author of Breathers and Fated, S. G. Brown introduces San Francisco Private Investigator Nick Monday who possesses more than just the luck of the Irish in LUCKY BASTARD.

Fans of crime fiction, mystery, fantasy and even paranormal will be intrigued and laugh of how Nick manages this unique talent, how the rich and famous yearn for his abundant stash and will pay the price for the most powerful, addictive and dangerous drug of all. But it’s not always hobnobbing with the elite or with Lady Luck. Nick’s procurement can either be a blessing or a curse as he takes from those with a charmed life and sells it to the addicted and desperate.

However, when a lucrative $100,000 offer is made by the mayor’s daughter, Tuesday Knight, to retrieve her father’s stolen luck will the caffeine-addicted luck purveyor’s own good fortune run out when he tangles with a Chinese mafia warlord, gets blackmailed by the government, and has his head turned by an attractive competitor?

Lucky Bastard is S.G. Browne’s sharp, gritty and noir tale that will keep readers chuckling at this happy-go-lucky hero’s fast-paced exploits.

About Lucky Bastard

Meet Nick Monday: more Columbo than Sam Spade, more Magnum P.I. than Philip Marlowe. As San Francisco’s infamous luck poacher, Nick doesn’t know whether his ability to swipe other people’s fortunes with a simple handshake is a blessing or a curse. Ever since his youth, Nick has swallowed more than a few bitter truths when it comes to wheeling and dealing in destinies. Because whether the highest bidders of Nick’s serendipitous booty are celebrities, yuppies, or douche bag vegans, the unsavory fact remains: luck is the most powerful, addictive, and dangerous drug of them all. And no amount of cappuccinos, Lucky Charms, or apple fritters can sweeten the notion that Nick might be exactly what his father once claimed—as ambitious as a fart.

That is, until Tuesday Knight, the curvy brunette who also happens to be the mayor’s daughter, approaches Nick with an irresistible offer: $100,000 to retrieve her father’s stolen luck. Could this high-stakes deal let Nick do right?  Or will kowtowing to another greed-monger’s demands simply fund Nick’s addiction to corporate coffee bars while his morality drains down the toilet? Before he downs his next mocha, Nick finds himself at the mercy of a Chinese mafia kingpin and with no choice but to scour the city for the purest kind of luck, a hunt more titillating than softcore porn. All he has to do to stay ahead of the game is remember that you can’t take something from someone without eventually paying like hell for it.…

About the Author
S.G. Browne is the author of Breathers and Fated. He graduated from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA, and worked for several years in Hollywood before moving to Santa Cruz to write. He currently lives in San Francisco.

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