Menopausal? Here’s How to Keep That Lusty Libido!

By Josie Brown

The sensual forty-plus woman—you know, that infamous “cougar“—has one very important thing in common with those younger men in her life: a lusty libido. But can she always count on it?

Yes she can—if she takes care of herself in a way that allows her to enjoy sex.

In fact, in a recent survey, 40 per cent of post-menopausal women say that their relationships with their husbands have improved after menopause, and that they now enjoy sex more. Part of that has to do with the fact that they no longer fear become pregnant. And whether its through age, wisdom or wantonness, they also now feel the freedom to explore varying expressions of sexuality.

Granted  a large part of sensuality is a mindset: If you feel sexy, you exude that to those around you.  But even if your mind sex “Yes! Yes! Yes!…” your aging body may be saying “Ouch! That’s hurts!” as your post-menopausal vaginal canal dries up and shrinks, and the physical sex act becomes painful to you.

To keep your mind, body and lust in sync, discuss the following with your doctor:

1. Test for low thyroid levels, or an iron deficiency.
Both these disorders affect your sex drive, and can be remedied with a change in diet, or the right supplement or medication.

2. Keep hydrated—down there.
Vitamin E, used locally in the vagina, helps you stay lubricated, and increases sensation. You can buy vitamin E in either liquid or pill form (the pills can be punctured, then squeezed to apply). Also, consider using a sexual lubricant, like KY Jelly or Astroglide.

If the vitamin E applications don’t help, ask your doctor about locally applied estrogen therapy. It doesn’t carry the cancer risks of oral estrogents, and can be applied via suppository tablets, creams, or “rings” which are put inside the vagina, and give off small doses of hormones over time.

3. Consider a genital massage oil.
Zestra, which is made from a blend of evening primrose oils, angelica root, borage seed, and vitamins E and C, had a small trial study, and was found to increase both arousal and desire in women.


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