Finding Love Online: It’s Now the Norm

By SMW Staff

you've got mailWhen it comes to finding love online, chances are you’ll have more than mail.

Keep at it, you’ll have a long-lasting relationship.

Recent studies of more than 11,000 people revealed that one in six marriages are now between people who met through an online dating site – more than twice the number of people meeting at bars, at clubs and other social events combined.

In fact,  one in five  current singles have dated someone they met on an online dating site.

“The world has changed,” said Greg Blatt, CEO of, the online dating service which conducted the study.  “We get married older, we work longer hours, we move around more, we’re generally busier.  These changes have put pressure on the way we traditionally have met our significant others.  Luckily, with these changes has come an increasing openness to doing new things.  Online dating has grown so much in part as a response to these societal changes, having become the third most important way we meet our significant others, even though it didn’t even exist 15 years ago.”

The research also reveals the number one way people meet their spouse is through work or school, followed by friend or family member. People who meet their spouse through an online dating site is now number three, surpassing bars, clubs, and other social events.

The following details the way people have met their spouse over the last three years:

1)      Through Work/School                                                    36%

2)      Through Friend/Family Member                               26%

3)      Via Online Dating Site                                                     17%

4)      Through Bars/Clubs/Other Social Events               11%

5)      Other                                                                                    7%

6)      Through Church/Place of Worship                            4%

“The studies also confirmed what the online dating company hoped: that is the clear leader in online dating.

Says Blatt: “We don’t overpromise.  We don’t tell people we’ve figured out the secret to human happiness.  And we don’t say we’re the answer.  We’re simply a new and effective way to do an old and important thing, which is meet great new people with whom you really have a chance of hitting it off.  If you’re single, there is no good reason not to join  It’s just something a single person should do in addition to all the other things you do to meet people and put yourself in a position to find romance.”

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