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By SMW Staff

Any Anne Hathaway movie is a gem. Her latest,  One Day  is especially so, because the premise is one we can all relate to:

What happens when you are attracted to your best guy pal?

In the movie, Hathaway, plays Emma,  a working-class girl of principle and ambition who dreams of making the world a better place. Jim Sturges is cast as a wealthy charmer who dreams that the world will be his playground. For the next two decades, key moments of their relationship are experienced over several July 15ths in their lives, the day they both graduated from college back in 1988.

Together and apart, we see them through their friendship and fights, hopes and missed opportunities, laughter and tears. Somewhere along their journey, these two people realize that what they are searching and hoping for has been there for them all along. As the true meaning of that one day back in 1988 is revealed, they come to terms with the nature of love and life itself.

One Day (in Theaters August 19, 2011; check theaters and start times near you)

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Contest Rules:

1. Click onto the movie trailer, below.

2. Email to info@SingleMindedWomen.com  the answer to this question:

What is Emma’s nickname for her BFF?

All eligible entries must be received by midnight PT, Thursday, August 18, 2011.