Online Dating: Older Women, Younger Men

By Josie Brown

Older Women, Younger MenWe’re prowling online, too: older single women, that is.

In a study of over 50,000 women daters aged thirty and over conducted by Canada-based, 35%  admitted to contacting men 5 or more years younger than themselves.

In fact, of the 23,024 American women who initiated contact with men, 38% reached out to  men at least 5 years younger than themselves. Another 10% emailed men who were at least 10 years younger.

Their Canadian sisters had similar results. Of the 17,684 women who participated, 31% sought out men at least 5 years younger, and 8% sent messages to men at least 10 years younger.

The fact that men are responding — online as well as off — is no surprise. Here’s a few social realities to take into consideration:

1. Women of all ages are in great shape. If you look sexy, you feel sexy. ‘Nuf said.

2. Women live longer than men. It goes back to that old carnage: “If you were stuck on a deserted island who would you….” Well, you get the drift.

3. Everybody’s doing it–especially celebrities. Demi Moore. Susan Sarandon. Goldie Hawn. They’ve all enjoyed relationships with younger men. The double standard has dissolved. Now, the big question: What do they have that you don’t?

4. It’s a guy thing. Younger guys are seeking out women who are more mature because they feel the emotional pressures are less. Not all men are ready to start families, or want to date women who always know less than they do.

5. The Internet is a great place for soul connections. It’s scientifically proven that men are hard-wired visually, But on the Web, physical appearance isn’t as important when you’re pouring your heart out, one pixel at a time.

So, don’t be shy, ladies. Reach out online and touch someone younger.


Josie Brown is’s Relationships Channel Editor. Her next novel, The Baby Planner (Simon & Schuster/Gallery Books), will be in bookstores April 5, 2011.