Online Speed Dating Tips

By Josie Brown

Online dating tipsTired of blind dates? Don’t have time to fill out those exhausting online dating service profiles?

No doubt, finding your Mr. Right is a major investment of both time and effort. founder Dan Abelon thinks he’s found quick and sensible solution: three-minute online speed dates, from the comfort of home

Says Abelon: “This new platform to put the live chemistry back into online dating, allowing users to immediately determine if there is a connection.”

Sure, fast is one thing. But successful is another factor you’re looking for. To ensure that even a three-minute online meet-up can give you maximum results, Abelon shares these ten tried-and-true online speed dating tips:

1. Be yourself. The key to being successful in the dating world, either online or in more traditional dating, is to just be yourself and be confident in your beliefs, hobbies, interests.

2. Jump into the conversation right away. Don’t be too passive. You only have 3 minutes!

3. Take a nice profile picture. Let’s face it, a big part of finding the right match is physical attraction. So post a nice, flattering but authentic and tasteful profile picture of you – and smiling pics are always the best.

4. Be engaging. Ask your date questions, listen to his responses, and show genuine interest in his answers. Sometimes, nothing is more attractive than an engaging, genuine listener.

5. Don’t dominate the conversation. Don’t just talk about yourself. Make sure the conversation has a natural back and forth interaction.

6. First impressions are everything! Start the conversation off with something interesting; don’t just say ‘hi’

7. Use a webcam! Find out right way whether you have that “live chemistry” with your date.

8. Have an interesting profile. Online speed daters end dates faster when there isn’t a photo or basic profile info of their date

9. Be respectful. Don’t discuss anything too controversial such as politics, religion or family issues. This can start the date out on the wrong foot.

10. Keep it light, flirty and fun! The whole goal of speed dating is to meet cool, interesting singles in a pressure-free environment, so have fun doing it!

Let us know how you make out. Leave a comment  in the comment box below. Who knows, you just may inspire another single woman to date outside of the box!

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