By SMW Staff

PROMISES TO KEEP by Jane GreenPROMISES TO KEEP by Jane Green, is a momentous novel about a family coming together in the hardest of times for one unforgettable, life-changing year.  This the most personal and the most moving of her books, written to help Jane through the traumatic loss of one of her best friends, Heidi, who lost her battle with breast cancer. Callie Perry is a successful family photographer living in tony Bedford, New York who loves her life and can’t help but light up every room she enters. Her younger sister, Steffi, the baby of the family, has never grown up.  In her early thirties, she’s the epitome of a free spirit.  Lila Grossman is Callie’s best friend and she’s finally met the man of her dreams.  Ed has a wonderful son she adores, a crazy ex-wife she doesn’t, and she finally feels ready to settle down.  And then there are Callie and Steffi’s parents, Walter and Honor.  Divorced for almost thirty years, they haven’t spoken for most of that time. They may share two grown-up daughters, but, it is agreed by all who know them, they share little else.until they all receive a shocking phone call that changes their lives forever, and brings them all together one short, snowy winter.  A delicious recipe accompanies each chapter (one of the characters is a natural food chef) and fits nicely into this wonderful novel!


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