Roses Are Red, Valentines Are Green: Five Eco-Friendly Romance Tips

By Josie Brown

pic1On Valentine’s Day, most people see red. Wouldn’t it be great if they thought green, too?

As February 14th approaches, most of us are considering how we can best show our loved ones that they are special to us. But your romantic celebration doesn’t necessarily mean using up Mother Nature’s precious resources.

Here are five tips that will help save the environment while stoking the passion:

Tip #1: Get away—by staying in.

Start by setting up your bedroom as a love shack. Sprinkle your sheets with organic scents, like these from Pure Sense by Paula, or place lavender under your pillow.

Another sexy scenario: set up a treasure hunt in your home.

Write down clues—on recycled paper, of course—that lead your loved one to some heartfelt mementos. Items like photos of the two you, or old menus or matchboxes from your favorite haunts, will remind your significant other why he fell in love with you in the first place. Maybe the last clue leads him to a picnic for two, right there in your favorite room of the house: the bedroom. For an easy, tasty and romantic meal, do something creative with leftovers (of course).

Tip #2: Conserve water by bathing together.

A bubble bath—either before or after sex—is one of the most romantic acts a couple can do together. The key word here is togetherness. Sure, showers can be sensual, but bubble baths conserve more water—and are playful, too.

pic2Tip #3: Why get roses when you can have a rose bush instead?

This year, tell him to forgo the usual dozen roses. Instead ask him to you give the gift that keeps giving, year after year. Rose plants come in all sizes—either as bushes or vines—it can thrive in something as small as an apartment deck, and can be grown organically, too. And colors range from pinks, corals, and deep reds, to yellows, golds, and whites. Remind him of your favorite color, then tell him to go for it. Or he can choose one with a name that resonates with you. For example, if you’re a fashionista, you’ll love the Miss Dior. If you’re a Beatles fan, there’s the Penny Lane. Bottom line: he can be creative.

Then again, many florists, like Organic Bouquet, are recognizing the importance of using organically grown flowers in their arrangements. If he wants to go this route, save the fallen rose petals for another luxurious bath.

Tip #4: Light his fire, with organically scented candles.

Sadly, burning wood in your fireplace sends out a lot of toxins. So instead, line up candles of all different shapes and sizes inside the fireplace—either beeswax, or soy, like these sold by Essere Organics—and have them lit when he gets home. He’ll want to make love right then and there, by candlelight.

Tip #5: Tell him to make your Valentine’s card.

He can use old photos that will pull at your heart strings. Perhaps one of your baby photos—next to his. Just remind him that what will win you over is the personal message he chooses to write inside—as opposed to typing it, or sending it via email. Sure, a quick IM would save paper, but on this day, the primary goal is to be romantic, right?

Another thing that will kill any kindled passion is recycling last year’s Valentine’s card.

My husband did this to me one year. He just crossed out the date, and wrote in a new one. That put him in the dog house until our anniversary. Being green is one thing. Being cheap or lazy is something altogether different.

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