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By Chris Bell

SALVATION OF A SAINT by Keigo HigashinoKeigo Higashino is an extremely popular author in Japan — think Dean Koontz or John Grisham. However, his novels are just starting to be translated to English — this one by Alexander O. Smith. The first was The Devotion of Suspect X which was widely proclaimed as one of the best books of the year and a finalist for the world’s top award in crime fiction. The main character was physics professor Manabu Yukawa, a.k.a. Detective Galileo.

Detective Galileo makes a repeat appearance in Salvation of a Saint. Although not the main character, Galileo is the one who does solve the mystery in the end. Tokyo police detective Kusanagi and his assistant, Utsumi, investigate the murder of a man poisoned to death. His wife becomes the logical suspect, except for one simple fact: She was hundreds of miles away when he was murdered.

I had some trouble keeping the characters apart in my mind. With the Japanese names unfamiliar to me, they blended very easily. David Pittu did a very good job reading Salvation of a Saint, but between confusing the characters and an extremely long, drawn out investigation, the book did get tedious at times.

The ending has been described as astonishing and surprising and with that I agree. Although you know who committed the murder through out most of the book, how it was done was the real mystery. When that is revealed it is very exciting. I enjoyed the ending very much. But, is that enough to recommend the entire book? I’m not sure. I want your opinion.


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About the Author:
Keigo Higashino is currently the most widely read author in Japan, with more than three dozen bestsellers, hundreds of millions of copies of his books sold worldwide, and nearly twenty films and television series based on his work. He won the Naoki Prize for The Devotion of Suspect X, his first novel featuring Detective Galileo, and, in translation, it was a finalist for both the Edgar Award for Best Novel and the Barry Award. He lives in Tokyo, Japan.

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