Samantha Daniels, Matchmaker Extraordinaire In Person and Online

By Josie Brown

pic1Tired of leaving your love life to friends with good intentions but lousy taste?

Fed up with filling out online dating applications, only to meet men who are more blatant liars than you are?

Then maybe it’s time you met Samantha Daniels.  A celebrated professional matchmaker and author of the memoir Matchbook, Samantha’s unique perspective on love and fate was turned into the television show Miss Match, which starred Alicia Silverstone.

Sure, it will cost you: around $425. That’s for the initial consultation. Should you decide to put Daniels to the task that every one of your girlfriends has failed miserably at (not to mention your mother, your big sisters, and every other relative who thinks you’d make some nice guy a sweet wife), then go ahead: pay to play. If both of you want to move forward, you’ll then discuss further rates and what you can expect for your money

You’re worth it, aren’t you?

What makes this a must-do isn’t quantity, but quality. Daniels has many of the same traits as a typical client. An Ivy League-educated attorney who is well traveled, loves to network, and is involved in numerous charities, it’s no wonder she has a database of over 10,000 eligible singletons—movers, shakers and A-Listers on both coasts, as well as in several major cities in between.

In other words, the odds are she’s got the right guy (or several) on her Blackberry’s speed-dial.

In fact, Daniels also does what she calls “hometown searches,” both in the United States and abroad. “I’ve got clients who call me from all over the world. I meet with them, help them assess their relationship needs, and then line up those who I feel may be potential mates.” Be it down the road, or across ‘the pond,’ Daniels is like a heat-seeking missile on a mission.

And it works, because she works hard—for you. “I have heart-to-hearts with clients. I try to truly get to know them. And while I ask some probing questions, I ask that their answers give ranges, as opposed to being specific. The key to your success is being open and available to every opportunity, to be broad in your expectations.”  Which allows Daniels to think out of the box for you.

One way in which she’s thinking out of the box for herself is her new online endeavor, Relationship Chatter with Samantha Daniels.  Besides twice-weekly animated webisodes starring Daniels giving succinct relationship tips that are timely and topical, the site also gives viewers the latest celebrity love scoops, an “It List” of beauty must-haves, and chances to win some fabulous swag—and Valentine’s gift ideas for him and her.  Says Daniels: “The response to it so far has been awesome. If you have a connection to the net, you understand the power.”

And of course, Daniels welcomes viewers’ questions. You can email her at

So, with everything Daniels is doing to help you find your soul mate, what can make a possible match a miss?

“Timing,” says Daniels. “But if you make the time in your life, you’ll find Mr. Right. Or I’ll find him for you.”

Three Tips for Working with a Matchmaker . . .

pic2Tip #1: Be Honest.
For a matchmaker to do her job right, you’ve got to give her all the information she’ll need to put together a complete profile. So open up fully about your life, your past experiences with relationships, and your likes and dislikes in a partner. Explains Daniels: “Describing a polar opposite, being nit-picky, not giving someone a chance—all of this means you’re being inflexible, or set in your ways. Open your mind a bit, and you’ll make a better match.”

Tip #2: Be Available.
If your life keeps you on the run, a lack of accessibility may be why you’re having a difficult time meeting the right guys in the first place. Having a matchmaker working with you gives you a second someone whose job is to keep the hunt for a primary relationship the priority it needs to be in your life.

To help her, leave some flexibility in your schedule. Are there certain days that work better than others, like, say, the weekend? Or perhaps an even better time of day, like lunches, or a leisurely Sunday brunch? More leeway means more dates.

Tip #3:  Be Yourself.
She can put him in front of you, but it’s up to you to make him fall in love with you. The best way to do that is to smile, relax, and be the charming woman who is already loved by so many.

Will he fall in love, too?

If not, Daniels will go back to her Rolodex. So many men—as long as you make the time. “And the effort,” says Daniels. “because if you aren’t ready, it isn’t going to happen.”

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