Sex and the SMW: How do I get out a dating rut?

By SMW Staff

How do I get out a dating rut?  Couple on a bad date.While it’s great that you’re socializing, learning you shouldn’t eat spicy food after midnight, and discovering that dating younger men is not as fun as it used to be, many of you are still pressuring yourselves to get out there and mingle. As single women, there is an inordinate amount of pressure on us to get out and circulate. Enter “dating burnout!”

If you’ve experienced three or more of the symptoms below, you may indeed be suffering from dating fatique and need to learn how to get out of a rut.

  • You’ve started bringing a list of questions on every date to speed up the getting to know you process.
  • You’re having a hard time keeping track of who you’re supposed to meet when.
  • You find yourself not wanting to go anywhere and have to be dragged out of the house by your concerned girlfriends.
  • You lose your temper over minor things, such as a date showing up five minutes late.
  • You fantasize about moving to a foreign country where you don’t speak the language so you can stop dating altogether.

While you may be going on a gazillion dates because you think it will increase your chances of meeting the right guy, you may be stopping yourself from achieving the very goal you’re after. If you’re always exhausted and exasperated by the mad hunt for that elusive Mr. Right, you’re probably in no condition to recognize him even if he did materialize. And let’s face it, if he did come along, he might not recognize you as Mrs. Right, either. After all, I’m sure his idea of Mrs. Right isn’t someone who’s dating three others guys at the same and subscribed to every dating service in town.

Granted, there is an immense social pressure to go out, but a little break now and then is good for you. It’s the same with your career. Too many long nights at the office with too little reward can turn any self-starter into a disgruntled worker. But remember: dating shouldn’t be a job. If you overdo it in the dating department, you may just find yourself feeling listless, uninspired, and anything but ready for love.

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