Sex and the Super Bowl

By SMW Staff

You’re not married to your significant other, and yet the term “sports widow” defines you aptly–

Especially leading up to the Super Bowl.

So, now that it’s FINALLY here, should you just throw in the towel? (Sorry! Sports metaphors will be banned throughout the rest of this article.)

Not at all.

In fact, he’d turn off his flat screen in an overtime second–if you gave him the right incentive.

Yep: sex.

At least, that’s according to a survey by Wet, manufacturer of a best-selling line of intimacy products. If their latest poll is any indication, 88% of male respondents insist they  would rather have one night of mind-blowing sex than watch their favorite sports team win a national championship, such as the Super Bowl.

Here’s are some other pertinent stats:

·        Almost four in ten respondents (38%) indicated that they have better sex when their (or their partner’s) favorite sports team wins a big game.

·        Around 9% of respondents (or their partners) have withheld sex because their favorite sports team lost an important game. (That’s a topic for a whole other article…); and

·        Almost two thirds of respondents (65%) would rather have one night of mind-blowing sex than win a trip to the Super Bowl.

So, you see, you are his champion–if you want to be.

One tip: just wear the jersey of his favorite player (and nothing else.)


Josie Brown is’s Relationships Channel Editor. Her novels include, Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives andThe Baby Planner.