Sexting Tips for Adults

By Ereka Vetrini

cellphoneAsk most people what “sexting” is these days, and they might tell you it’s a pornographic phenomenon amongst cell phone-toting teens that’s gotten out of hand.

As a concerned mother, I’ve read countless articles and learned all about the dangers of teen sexting. But as a consenting adult, I think there’s another side to using text messages in a way that can add fun and romance to your relationship.

Just as text messaging has an immediacy that brings two people closer no matter how many miles or time zones separate them, sexting between adults can be a great way to build up anticipation, playfulness, and remind your lover that even when you’re apart, they’re on your mind. And that goes for sexting photos and sexting images as well.

Some common sense rules should still apply here. If you’re reckless enough to send racy pics of yourself to a stranger you met last week in a bar, don’t be surprised if they fall into the wrong hands – fast. For those in a long-term relationship, however, here are some easy ways you can turn on your lover by text:

Tonight, tonight – You don’t have to get down and dirty in your messages. Hints at a special night you’ve got planned for him, or letting him know you’re hungry for a little couples’ time can stoke the fire. Even without being graphic, 160 character restrictions leave a lot of room for foreplay.

Codify your love – Abbreviations like LOL are fun, but how about creating some of your own? Make up text-slang that serves as an erotic in-joke. SMT could mean “see me tonight” or be a reminder that you love it when he sucks your toes – if you’ve discussed it beforehand, only the two of you will truly know.

Less is more – Illustrating your desire doesn’t mean you need to be explicit. When it comes to imagery, get creative. Take a picture of your ear lobe or a body part you love to be kissed, and follow it up with a come-hither “XOXO” to get him excited.

Flirt freely – Remember, even the slightest suggestion of a romantic rendezvous may come as a welcome surprise during working hours. “Miss your touch” or even “Hey cutey” could bring a welcome blush, if he’s reading your message amidst a pile of office work.

Open up – You may find that the text message format makes you feel more comfortable telling your partner things you’d feel funny saying out loud. Push the envelope gently, and escalate your expressiveness according to his response.

Keep it light – Let your imaginations do the work. Text messages are read on-the-go and often scanned through, so this is no time to detail your every desire or get into a heavy discussion that requires follow-up explanation. Remember, the real fun comes when you reunite that evening!

Ereka Vetrini is host of PredictoTV™, the online show that asks top celebrities to show what they know about the hottest topics that have everyone talking in the Predicto Mobile community. Predicto Mobile has established itself as one of the most sought after text message services providing live feeds and information for people and the media to discover what the country really thinks about pop culture and current events. Program information is available at

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