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When professor/literary reviewer Delaney Connor wins a makeover, she’s suddenly getting lots of attention!  Too bad it’s from bad boy–and very sexy–author Nick Angel, whose latest book Delaney shredded.  Her main complaint?  All of Nick’s sex scenes lack emotion.  Where’s the passion?  The feelings?  But when she and Nick find themselves between the sheets, Delaney ends up feeling far more than she ever expected…

Nick finds Delaney frustrating and very, very attractive.  But experience tells him it’s just skin deep. So he challenges the seductive Delaney – either prove that love makes good sex great (her theory), or else admit that the world’s greatest sex is purely physical (his theory).  No matter who wins, they’re going to have a deliciously decadent time proving each other wrong….

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“What do you say to a no strings fling?”

“It’ll just be hot, wild sex—nothing more, nothing less,” Nick continued, backing her up against the wall, bringing his body flush against hers.  Delaney bit back a whimper at the sweet pressure of his chest against her aching nipples, his thigh, warm and hard, pressed between her legs.

He placed his hands on either side of her head and lowered his face until his mouth was within inches of hers.  Delaney swallowed, unable to tear her gaze from the hypnotic blue depths of his.  As though under an irresistible spell, she simply waited, both eager and terrified to see if he’d follow through.

She didn’t have to wait long.  His mouth plunged, taking hers with a fierceness that shot straight down to her belly.  Heat, flashing hot and intense, flamed as he traced the soft silk of her blouse with his hand, sliding his fingers over her collar bone, her shoulder, brushing the side of her breast.  Then, growing bolder, he moved his palms over the curve of her backside, pulling her closer to him.

Without offering any resistance, Delaney shifted her leg to wrap it around his hard muscular thigh, giving him better access.  She couldn’t think.  She couldn’t breathe.  And she could barely hold herself upright when he suddenly stepped back, leaving her cold and wanting.

“Just one month, Delaney,” he whispered.  “Think about the possibilities.”

Her eyes narrowed, but before she could say anything, his mouth plunged again, this time taking hers with a fierce intensity that shot straight down to her belly.  Damp, warm heat pooled between her legs as she gave herself over to the wild power of his kiss.

Heat, flashing hot and intense, flamed as he trailed one hand down the side of her neck, then traced the soft silk of her blouse.  Down her collar-bone, over her shoulder and just barely skimming the side of her breast.  Delaney shuddered as his fingers skimmed past her waist, his hand gripping her thigh.  Need like she’d never felt before surged and she hitched her hip, just enough, for his hand to touch bare skin.

If her own boldness shocked her, his reaction blew her mind.  Fingers clenched once, then he slipped his hand over her thigh, around until his fingers grazed the curve of her butt.  Her body taking the lead, since for the first time in her life her brain had shut down, she shifted her let to wrap it around his hard muscular thigh and give him better access.  His groan was low and guttural against her mouth.  He shifted, just a bit, so his leg pressed against the heat wetting her panties.  His kiss went deeper, his fingers cupping, squeezing her butt in rhythm with the dance of his tongue.  Pressure wound in a tight little knot, strong and demanding.  It was all she could do not to grind herself against him in search of relief.

Delaney couldn’t think, could barely react, when he pulled back.  Not just his mouth, but his entire body.  He stepped away, leaving her churned up, panting and cold where her body missed the warmth of his.

“One month,” he said in a husky whisper.  “We give each other a month, totally focused on physical pleasure.  In the end, you’ll admit I’m right.”

Excerpt. © 2008 Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


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