SMW’s Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

By Josie Brown

Valentine's Day February 14 CalendarAre you spending Valentine’s Day alone — feeling left out as the rest of the world counts down to that day to pay tribute to the vagaries of the heart, right?

Good. Because if you’re going to get through it without tossing yourself a pity party, you’re going to need’s Valentine’s Day Survival Guide. We hope you have fun celebrating your singledom, which is the right thing for you—at least at this stage of your life:

Tip #1: Think positive.

You’ve got so much going for you. Those who love you, and are your friends, know this. And if you’ve made it a goal to draw one special person into your life as well, your attitude about yourself will be your most attractive feature. It is the ultimate pheromone.

Tip #2: Buy yourself something pretty.

Something that makes you look mahhhvalous. Preferably something red hot and low cut.

Tip #3: Give yourself a spa day.

You love yourself, right? So treat yourself with kindness. Mani-pedi, for sure. New hair cut, certainly. And add to that a massage. By some guy with LARGE hands. You know what they say: large hands, big . . . heart. Or whatever.

Tip #4. Count your blessings.

You have so much to be thankful for! Your great smile. Your health. Your sense of humor. Your wide circle of friends. If today is truly about love, then celebrate all the wonderful things that that make you so lovable.

Tip #5: Love yourself first.

The confidence and sensuality you exude is what makes you attractive. If you love yourself, others will certainly see why.

Tip #6: Send flowers to someone.

There is someone in your life for whom you want to show appreciation for their love and respect of you. Whomever that someone is, go ahead and send him or her a bouquet of flowers. They will be touched by this token of your affection. And nothing makes you feel better than to make someone else happy.

Tip #7: Don’t stay in. Instead, go out—dressed to the nines.

The best way a single woman can celebrate love is to go out and find it. Go to the poshest bar in town. Saunter up to that available stool next to that available guy—and flirt. First drink’s on him.

Tip #8: Today, flirt with at least five men.

That guy in the elevator. The UPS man. The valet who parks your car. An old boyfriend. A new neighbor. Go ahead and put out a playful vibe. He’ll be sure to follow your lead.

Tip #9: Buy a drink for some guy.

He’s cute. He deserves to know he’s desirable, too. Of course, he may insist on picking up the next round.

Tip #10: Get picked up.

Even if it’s just for the evening, let some guy you’ve never met whisper sweet nothings in your ear.  And then let him pick up your bar tab. Oh, and don’t forget dinner. Order a steak. Rare. (Or lobster. It worked for Jennifer Beals in Flashdance, so it should work for you, too.)

Tip #11: Send love notes.

There are a few men whose friendships you appreciate thoroughly. There is not a better time to let them know this than today. They will be flattered, and certainly see you in a new light, too. Hmmm…

Tip #12: Be the life of the party—wherever you find it.

Even for singles, the one great thing about Valentine’s Day is that it puts everyone in a festive mood. Take advantage of that. Like you, other singles aren’t cowering in their apartments with the curtains drawn. They’re looking for a scene, in which to be seen. Whereas you may not want to hang in the many restaurants and bars that are catering to this couples event, there are many others that aren’t. Make one (or several) of those your destination. It’s New Year’s Eve all over again. Except this time, every single out on the town has something to prove, just like you.

Tip #13: Better yet, go ahead and throw that party.

Be sure to invite every single you know. Even those you don’t know well, or haven’t seen for a while. And ask everyone to bring a friend. To make it even more of an event, build it around a theme, so that everyone can show off his or her creativity. By creating your own happening, you! It’s sure to be well attended. (And don’t be surprised if some of your committed buddies wish they’d have been there, instead.)

Tip #14: Just remember: You are not alone.

The world is a very big place. Valentine’s Day is not just a date: it’s a frame of mind that acknowledges others’ love of you, no matter who they are.

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