Speed Dating in the Age of iLove

By Dan Abelon

If you are newly single and have not been on the dating scene for a while, you may be surprised to see that the landscape for meeting other singles has changed quite a bit. Most people are familiar with online dating and how the Internet revolutionized singles meeting up online.  But now the singles scene is being transformed once again with the growing popularity of iPhones, iPads and other hand-held devices.

It’s the natural progression of things, as mobile devices become more a part of our lives – 172.4 million smart phones were sold in the last year, and 1 million + iPads were sold in the first 28 days alone. Busy singles want greater convenience to interact in real-time between work and other activities.  And women, often crunched for time, are some of the biggest adopters of mobile online dating.

But, along with the instant access, faster pace and greater potential to “meet up”, new rules apply.  Single women looking to join the dating scene via iPads and iPhones should be aware that while it is the same basic game, with greater advances in technology come a few new considerations.  The following are just a few tips to keep in mind:

Image quality is more important

New iPhones may have a camera on the front, but opt for a more professional high-resolution shot instead. The new iPad’s have larger screens that will mean your photo is shown as a bigger image as well.  Go with a photo you are proud of and that shows off your beauty.

The lines are being blurred between finding people online and in real life

Location-based features (on most smart phones) can be utilized to find singles and their current status (online or not) in a given geographic radius. This technology can really help you out by finding someone local in real-time!  Make sure this feature is turned on if you are looking for love on the go.

If you want to be more active in the social scene, make your profile more dynamic

As part of the more interactive experience and ability to meet up, adjust your profile to focus on actions and indicate specific clubs or other places you frequent instead of making static statements like, I enjoy dance music.

Timing is everything, or at least a big part of it

Make an effort to respond to instant alerts immediately, at least initially, to avoid missing out on that perfect someone, losing his/her attention.

Be your own filter

At the same time realize the need to balance the quicker pace–you can’t take back calls made or pictures sent, after having a few martinis, that you may regret the next day.

Perhaps most importantly, one critical rule has not changed – be yourself.  Singles want to find other singles with similar tastes, interests and attitudes.  The only way to truly find a perfect match is to let others in on the real you.

Dan Abelon is co-founder of SpeedDate.com the world’s largest online speed dating site allowing singles to meet and interact through live three minute dates all from the comfort of home.

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