Stepping Out Of Your Dating Comfort Zone This Winter

By Melissa Braverman

dating tips for womenWhen it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s no secret that most of the media attention is lavished on people who are in a relationship. But you don’t have to be coupled up to make February 14th a festive occasion. In addition to celebrating love in all its forms, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take stock of your dating life – and think about stepping out of your comfort zone this winter.

Doing just that has been my number one resolution for 2012 — or as I like to call it, Just Say Yes. In this spirit of adventure, for the next two months, I’m inviting people to set me up and Nominate A Date.  But you don’t have to go on a marathon of blind dates to shake up your romance routine. Even a few small steps can take your love life in a new direction. Here are some tips for stepping outside of your comfort zone:

Skip The Same Old, Same Old
Take a break from your favorite neighborhood haunts and venture to a new zip code. Whether it’s exploring a watering hole you’ve never been to or discovering a new restaurant, act like you’re visiting your hometown for the first time.

Take The Why Not Approach
If there’s something you’ve always wanted to try, whether it’s speed dating or a singles lock and key party, don’t ask yourself why. Ask why not? and just do it. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by putting yourself out there.

Recruit A Wingman
It’s no secret that getting out of your comfort zone is a lot more fun when you’ve got a wingman by your side. Recruit a fellow single friend to join you as you embark on new season of adventure, romantic and otherwise.

By saying yes to a new approach, Valentine’s Day can mark the start of a whole new season in your journey of singlehood. How do you plan to shake things up?

Melissa Braverman writes about dating and relationships for and as well as on her personal blog Selected by as one of the Top 10 people to follow on Twitter for dating advice, she has been quoted in The Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, New York Post and Time Out New York.

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