I CAN MAKE YOU HOT!: The Supermodel Diet by Kelly Killoren Bensimon

By SMW Staff

I CAN MAKE YOU HOT The Supermodel Diet by Kelly Killoren BensimonMillions of viewers first met Kelly Bensimon through the weekly drama of Bravo’s hit television show, The Real Housewives of New York.  A former model, writer, editor, equestrian and mother to two young daughters, Bensimon maintains an enormously hectic lifestyle, both on-screen and off.  Yet, despite such a packed schedule of professional and personal obligations, she somehow manages to always look amazing – stylish and beautiful but, even more importantly, happy and healthy.

This isn’t by sheer coincidence or through simple genetic luck – after years of being in professions where her career was dependent on physical beauty, Kelly has figured out some essential secrets to keeping herself in top shape without resorting to unhealthy or unnatural means.  I CAN MAKE YOU HOT (St. Martin’s Press, May 2012) is an easy-to-follow and highly effective primer that breaks down the sum of Kelly’s knowledge and experience, providing energizing health tips and a delicious eating plan to promote optimum nutrition and all-around good fitness – or, as she puts it, “eating well, sleeping well, feeling good and having fun.”  The plan is uncomplicated and accessible, and aims to show women of all ages how they can maintain a sexy, lean, strong, but realistic (read: HOT), body by following a few key steps (culled from both Kelly’s own experiences and through experts she consulted for the book).

During her years as a model and onscreen personality, Kelly has been through the wringer of extreme eating habits, whether it was starving herself as a model or overindulging on all sorts of bad stuff during her years as a party girl on the New York scene.   I CAN MAKE YOU HOT steers readers away from these types of extremes, and focuses on tailoring proper nutrition and fitness activities around any lifestyle – whether that means a harried professional life or an active social calendar involving lots of late nights out on the town.  In fact, there are only three basic rules in Kelly’s plan, but they are iron-clad:

  1. Exercise every day.  No excuses
  2. Make healthy food choices and eat well six days a week.
  3. Make Sunday your “funday” and eat whatever you want.  If you’ve been following steps 1 and 2, your body can definitely handle a day of freedom.

Around those three rules, Kelly constructs a 7-day plan that readers can use as a weekly guide to manage their diets and keep themselves on the path to good health.  In addition to the 7-day plan, Kelly also teaches readers how to train themselves NOT to skip meals (a major problem for those used to crash dieting and other extreme means of weight loss), offers some ingenious fashion tips to help accentuate a newly hot body and provides nearly 60 healthy, fun and delicious recipes that will help jumpstart the process to a newer, better, hotter self.

I CAN MAKE YOU HOT is the perfect handbook for those caught in vicious, unhealthy, restrictive diet cycles.  Kelly’s plan will teach you how to eat properly and without guilt, overcome certain food myths (carbs are not bad!) and learn to be the happiest, sexiest version of yourself – something it took her years to understand.

About the author
Kelly Killoren Bensimon is a noted author, influential editor, model, and tastemaker. She appeared on three seasons of Bravo’s hit show Real Housewives of New York which is currently airing worldwide on NBC.

Kelly’s list of projects is impressive and ever expanding. She is currently acting as Guest Editor for Avenue magazine after gracing their December cover. She is also regular contributor to publications such as Hamptons, Gotham and am New York. Next up for Kelly is her fourth book titled I Can Make You Hot which will be released by St. Martins Press in May 2012. The book will present a healthy, high-energy eating & exercise plan that promotes a healthy lifestyle without gimmicks, deprivation or starvation tactics.   The book will include over 40 recipes, as well as tips on how to live a healthful life and have fun while doing it. Kelly is also developing a show of the same title.

Kelly is an avid supporter of charities close to her heart including Feeding America, Generosity Water and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Animal Haven shelter. She and her two daughters split their time between New York City and East Hampton.

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