The Love Wars by L. Alison Heller

By Annie McDonnell

The Love Wars by L Alison HellerMolly Grant is an attorney at one of the largest and most popular Law Firms for the Rich and famous in New York City, sometimes even just the rich!  She begins in the Corporate Division but finds that it is too lack luster for her taste, so she takes swift action to join the Matrimonial Division.  The believes that handling divorces and all that comes along with it; from child support, alimony, custody and dividing assets was more her style.

The entire novel takes place within the confines of the Bacon Payne’s Law Firm building, various court rooms with occasional moves to other locations. These other locations include her home, occasional restaurants, bars and even manicure salons. I believe that they are in the book so minutely to show just how much Molly’s life revolves around her work at Bacon Payne.  Molly works late in to the evenings and often found at the office on weekends.

It is hard to believe she has time for any stimulation outside of Bacon Payne.  But, those travels are always full of banter and wit that leave you laughing out loud.

Her parents are beyond proud of her accomplishments.  Molly hopes to give back to her them for all that they did to help for her to attend college and law school.

Her immediate plan is to make it to her 5-year anniversary with the Law Firm, because it comes with an enormous bonus.  This bonus would help her finish off her educational loans and firm up a less stressful life for her parents and herself.

In strolls Fern Walker to try to get help with visitation rights to her own children, which she is being alienated from.  She has not seen them since divorcing her husband.  Molly’s boss Lillian refuses to take on this job, but Molly was not so eager to let Fern walk away without the proper help and guidance she needs; even if that means taking on the case pro bono herself.

Molly’s work life begins to spiral out of control at work, due to Fern’s case.  Seeing all that Molly went through to help Fern Walker, your belief in the humanity of Lawyers, if you ever doubted they had a heart; is shining through!

If she is caught working the Fern Walker case, her five year bonus is in jeopardy; and she may even lose her job. But, to Molly this is a case that needs to be won; mostly, due to something she neglected to do in her past.  This is more personal to her than she realizes.

Molly has such a great heart, that you cannot help but root for her and the people helping her, especially Henry.  He is one of the Lawyers at Bacon Payne that knows what she is up to with the Walker vs. Walker case

And, there is a love story for Molly too, that may not end up in Divorce Court!  Enjoy!

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