The Words That Shaped Me by Aliza Davidovit

By SMW Staff

Celebrity interviewer, commentator, and journalist, Aliza Davidovit, has published her new book, The Words That Shaped Me, which reflects on all of her unusual and paradoxical life experiences as a former bikini contest winner turned rabbi’s wife, who is now known for her insightful interviews with some of the world’s most famous faces.

Larry King calls her new book “very, very funny… extremely touching” and Jackie Mason toasts Aliza saying she “has the brains of Henry Kissinger and the body of Marilyn Monroe.” The Words That Shaped Me takes readers on an engaging journey through the dictionary and life; with wry social commentary and great wisdom, Aliza selects the words that have shaped both her and society, offering hilarious and titillating stories along the way about her encounters with everyone from Peter Jennings to Benjamin Netanyahu. She also opines on how certain words influence societal dialogue—on topics including religion, vaginas, orgasms, adultery, politics, death, and keeping men interested.

Aliza learned early on in life that “words may be the most powerful tools in the world…they are like time-release capsules which either sustain us or poison us as we go.” A blonde bombshell (35-24-35) who advocates for monogamy and is against casual and pre-marital sex, Aliza was a virgin bride to a rabbi at age 26, and then sought validation by filling out an application to be a stripper.


Aliza Davidovit is a published journalist, interviewer and commentator.

She worked at ABC News “20/20” for six years with Connie Chung and in the ABC News Terrorism/Investigations Unit with John Miller. Aliza was also a producer and booker at the Fox News Channel where she helped launch Fox’s premier live audience news show, Dayside. In addition, she hosted and produced her own Judaic TV show JtvNY for two years. She is a contributing editor to Lifestyles Magazine International and Mann About Town, and a columnist for the popular news site World Net Daily. She is also Editor in Chief of WritEffect Productions Ltd., a publishing company engaged in writing biographical books for high-profile individuals, histories and Holocaust memoirs.

With over a decade of experience in broadcast and print journalism as an interviewer, commentator, and writer, Aliza has interviewed some of the world’s most famous and influential people. Her many interviews include, CNN’s Larry King and Wolf Blitzer, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Elie Weisel, Ivana Trump, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor Eliot Spitzer, PR Guru Howard Rubenstein, billionaire entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, Israel’s richest man, Eitan Wertheimer, US Ambassador Nancy Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and many others. She has been hailed as the Barbara Walters of print journalism. She also writes a weekly religion blog, The Source, inspiring both evangelical Christians and Jews across the world.

Aliza has her B.A. from McGill University and a Master’s of Science in journalism from Columbia University. She was born in Canada. She is a classical pianist and speaks three languages.

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