Tips for Picking Up Guys at a Sports Bar

By Fabiana Santana

iStock_000008539287XSmallThe male to female ratio in a sports bar is a single girl’s dream. If you happen to be looking, sports bars are the perfect place to meet guys. But we’re not talking your average neighborhood sports dive. We much prefer the kind of bars where dinner is as important as the game.

NYY Steak is a sports lovers dream. The steakhouse features a long bar where every game imaginable is playing on one of the multiple flat screen TVs. Don’t be surprised if you see a Yankee player hanging out, either. The restaurant keeps personalized knives engraved with players names on hand so that they always feel at home here. We talked with the pros at NYY Steak and got the inside scoop on scoping out your next date.
Where should single girls sit?

The best spot to see and be seen is smack in the middle of the bar.
Is it okay for single girls to travel in groups – how many is too many? A big group of attractive single girls can be intimidating for guys, however a small group of two or three can attract a similar small group of guy friends.


The sports and steak loving crowd at NYY Steak, Manhattan.

The sports and steak loving crowd at NYY Steak, Manhattan.

What should the drink order be? (something fruity, strong, a beer?) Ordering a whiskey like Jack Daniel’s Honey gives you cred and a hint of intrigue with the guys, but it is also sweet and feminine at the same time.
Do you often see girls approaching guys?

Yes, single women in New York often know what they want and are confident enough to make the first move.
Is it okay to say you know nothing about sports or should girls do their research in advance (for example, know who is playing on the TVs?)

We find a lot of our female clientele are big sports fans, and knowledgeable about their favorite teams.  However if you are not a sports buff, it opens up an opportunity to turn and ask the cute guy next to you to explain what’s happening in the game.  Women should not be afraid to ask what’s on their mind and show interest in learning more about what the guys like!