Top 10 Cities for Single Women: #1, Austin, TX

By Austin Brown

Austin earned its number one ranking by being in the top five of all but one of our criteria. While on our list includes two other Texas cities, arguably no state has three so different major cities in style, atmosphere and culture as Austin and its two bigger sister cities: Dallas and Houston. All three have vibrant night life, but none offer the intense music culture of Austin.

LIFE: With good reason Austin, identifies itself as the “Live Music Capital of the World.” At the same time, Austin offers greater accessibility to the great outdoors, with a variety of state parks in beautiful settings as the “gateway to the Texas hill county.”

Austin can cook in the summer months of July and August, but its temperatures are more moderate than those of Dallas and Houston and the bonus is more mild winters. In addition to its over the top night life, Austin offers a wide variety of housing opportunities at a full one-third less expensive than cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

LOVE: With 52.7 percent of its population being male, Austin ranks #1 in the twenty metro areas researched for this article.  An added advantage: a full one-third of its adult population is single — and on average, young —  thanks to the fact that it is also an academic hub.

CAREER: Austin, the capital of the state and originally the old Republic of Texas republic, has become a modern day magnet for technology and pharmaceutical companies. Its growing economy attests to that strength. Feeding that culture of innovation is the fact that the city is home to one of the nation’s largest public university campuses: University of Texas at Austin, with an enrollment of over 48,000 students.

This is a city worthy of your interest. We suspect Austin will not disappoint you.

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