2012 Top 10 Cities for Single Women: #10, Raleigh, NC

By Austin Brown

Best Cities for Singles: Raleigh, North Carolina


Life: Raleigh is often the unexpected entry in a list of top US cities. Nevertheless, its popularity continues to grow. A closer look will tell you why. Raleigh is a city with a youth and population explosion that began in 2000.

The city is  strategically located, with easy access to everywhere in what has become known as the Research Triangle: an area that encompasses Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. Inside that Triangle you’ll find affordable living, a delightful blend of urban and rural areas, and three distinguished universities: Duke, University of North Carolina and North Carolina State.

Raleigh is close to the rugged tree-covered Blue Ridge mountains. It is also within driving distance of America’s most captivating beaches, which you’ll find along an area called the Outer Banks. Known for it’s usually mild weather, here you’ll find a place that is not too cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer.

Raleigh is also filled with parks, walking, hiking, and biking trails. It’s a city where southern hospitality and a grand sense of living come together, making it a great place to  fall in love, settle down, and raise a family.

Love: Almost evenly split in its single male-female ratio, what gives Raleigh the edge over other towns that did not make the list (such as Denver, San Francisco, Boston, and Miami) is its large academic community, coupled with an attractive cost of living.  Always youthful in its mindset, the entire Triangle Area pulses with a very real sense of self, and a graciousness that makes newcomers feel welcomed.

Not often mentioned as a place for nightlife, Raleigh nevertheless can be a great destination for single women. With over 100 restaurants and bars in downtown Raleigh alone, the spectrum of choices is impressive for this once sleepy southern enclave. From live music to cabaret shows, Raleigh residents are not shy about trying something new, which is yet one more reason why young, hip, open-minded newcomers start anew here each and every year.

Career: Raleigh ranks consistently as one of the best places to work and start a business. It has a diverse economic base that covers many professional fields. But at the heart of the local economy — and the reason for its stability even in difficult times — are its three largest industries: government, higher education and health care. In addition, Raleigh is a hub for high-tech companies in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, computer software and hardware. If you’re looking to restart your career, Raleigh will meet you more than half way.

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