Top 10 Cities for Single Women: #2, Houston, TX

By Austin Brown

LIFE: Houston is a world-class city in every sense of the word. The city is blessed with great museums, incredible shopping opportunities, a great symphony, and all major league sports.

The city has two notable drawbacks: First, not only can its sprawl remind you of LA but at times it’s traffic can, too.  Second, mild winters are a definite plus, but its heat and humidity can be ferocious: not quite as sizzling as it’s nearby neighbor of New Orleans, but it can get pretty darn close. That’s why the city built a network of underground tunnels: so that its office workers can avoid exposure the hottest of days.

And like other major metropolitan areas, it has a higher crime rate than many other places. So if you’re looking for the relative calm of some imagined sleepy southern town, Houston is not your place…

LOVE: …But if tranquility bores you and youthful vibrancy turns you on, Houston just might be your dream location. And if you’re thinking “red state” Texas, you’ll find that many neighborhoods in Houston would rival the most liberal enclaves of Northern California.

In fact, Houston is #3 in SMW’s “Single and Available” ranking, with slightly more single men than women: 50.06 percent v.s. 49.94 percent.

Another advantage: In age, Houston is the youngest city in our top 10 list. It’s a noticeably more diverse city than Dallas or Austin and because (somewhat like LA) it has very distinct neighborhoods, it’s a city that takes sometime to get to know.

Like other Southwestern cities from Dallas to Phoenix, Houston comes out to play and like the rest of Texas there’s no place to think small. It’s not the supercharged music scene of Austin, but you could go to a different hot nightspot virtually every night of the year.

CAREER: In Houston today job availability is skyrocketing because of growth in the alternative energy, manufacturing and health care industries.

Houston is the biggest city in Texas, and it is the fourth biggest city in the US.  It also offers the triple blessing of affordable housing, a lower than average cost of living, and a relatively low unemployment rate.

For work, play, and everything in-between, Houston is a place you’ll be happy to call home.

City #1 is…