Top 10 Cities for Single Women: SMW’s 2012 Report

By Austin Brown

Best Cities for Singles

Tired of looking for love in all the wrong places?’s 2012 Top 10 Cities for Single Women is a handy guide to some great cities that we think should be high on your list of possible destinations, based on the the following criteria:

Life: When weighing a city’s attributes, its beauty and vibe are very important features. Obviously both are in the eye of the beholder, subject to its “awe” factor. That said, to arrive at our rankings, we included cultural venues and outdoor activities, as well as night life as a measure of a city’s livability.

Love: To reach our very important “Single and Available” ranking, we looked at each metro area’s population as they pertained to single male-to-single female ratios between ages twenty-five and fifty-four,which has a lot to do with your statistical probability of finding Mr. Right: one desirable outcome in starting life in a new city.

Career: The factors pertaining to your financial stability were also high on our list. It’s no secret that the American economy is still in a tender condition, but in recent months signs of an economic revival are evident. This guide also reflects important economic factors, such as the cost-of-living rankings, and job growth statistics over the past twelve months.

So, what cities should be high on your list to visit — or better, to live in?

Let’s start with City #10…