Top 10 Cities for Single Women: #3, Nashville, TN

By Austin Brown

LIFE: Seeing Nashville included in SMW’s top three cities for single women may have you wondering how it ranked so high. Well, among other factors,  Nashville’s music scene, cultural attractions and bustling nightlife make it a fun place to live.

To top it off, Nashville is a city steeped in a history. You can feel everywhere you go in this historic capital of Tennessee. Famous sites of Civil War battles and huge mansions turned into extraordinary museums for public viewing provide constant reminders that the gracious life  once lived in the antebellum South.

LOVE: There are slightly more women than men in Nashville (50.8 percent, v.s. 49.2. percent), giving it a “Single and Available” ranking of #13 of the cities researched for this article.

Despite these near even odds, if you love singing, bands or orchestras, chances are Nashville is the place to find a guy with whom you’ll make beautiful music.

If you presume that the Nashville music scene begins and ends at the famous Grand Ole Opry, you haven’t met Nashville 21st Century version. Take in a concert of your choice at Ryman Auditorium or roam over to the Bluebird Café, located within a strip mall, where the musicians flock to come and play. Just make sure to get there early; lines often can circle the block.

If you want a night scene with a variety of options, you’ll enjoy the young crowd in midtown’s Five Points area, where you’ll find Vanderbilt college students, hipsters, young professionals and native residents who are all within walking distance.

CAREER: Nashville also ranks third because job growth is rising, unemployment is relatively low and the cost of living is low for such a vibrant area. In 2011 when the national job market experienced little if any growth, Nashville’s job market grew by over two and a half percent. And it’s ten-year forecast is for continued growth. And if you currently reside in a state that has a high state income tax level, think New York, California, to name just two, you’ll appreciate the fact that Tennessee has no personal income tax.

Another career advantage: Nashville has become a major transportation hub for the south central region. Minus the congestion of Atlanta, but offering non-stop service to all major US markets, Nashville is well situated to continue the dynamic growth it has experienced for the last two decades.

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