Top 10 Cities for Single Women: #4: Washington, DC

By Austin Brown

LIFE: There is an old joke which goes like this: “If you want to visit your money, go to D.C.” As is true of the old capitals of Europe, the nation takes pride in its seat of government. Whether the administration is guided by tight-fisted fiscal conservatives or the more generous liberals, it seems that D.C. thrives.

LOVE: Washington, D.C.  is #10 in SMW’s “Single and Available” ranking. Whereas women outnumber men 52.1 percent to 47.9 percent, what you may not find in quantity is made up for, in quality. The combination of its large academic community, its numerous cultural venues, its social and financial bearing — and the fact that it is the nation’s capitol — certainly brings the best and the brightest to this town. The men are smart, informed, witty — and driven.

Astounding museums and galleries and verdant open spaces — all within walking distance of a Metro stop —  announce to visitors far and wide that D.C. is a place of  prominence. You never know: Mr. Right may be standing there,  next to you at the Lincoln Memorial…

CAREER: No doubt, America and most of the world’s leading economies have been under an economic cloud in recent years. In Washington, D.C., however, there are times that can be hard to imagine. While belt tightening is often discussed from one end of Pennsylvania Avenue (the Capitol) to the other (The White House), throughout the rest of this hip, happening town it appears that hard times is more news story than real story.

Thanks to incredible cultural and job growth opportunities, Washington D.C. rightfully sits near the top for possible relocation. And certainly if you’re interested in a career in politics, policy-making, government, or corporate growth, D.C. is a place you should consider.

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