Top 10 Cities for Single Women: #5, Dallas, TX

By Austin Brown

Dallas, Texas waterfront


Life: Don’t doubt Dallas. It’s a major league city in every sense of the word. The vast expanse of the metro Dallas-Ft. Worth area is reminiscent of LA metroplex, minus its beaches.

But you never need to leave the confines of Dallas itself to enjoy everything from a vibrant nightlife to great museums and other cultural venues. As you probably already know, Dallas does nothing small, so whether you’re looking for an airport with easy nonstop connections to the rest of the Americas and most anywhere in the world, or simply an incredible farmer’s market, Dallas never settles for being second best.

Dallas also has one of the fastest growing light rail systems in the nation. The free McKinney Avenue Trolley will take you from the Dallas arts district to the uptown area filled with restaurants, pubs, great shops and small boutique hotels.

Love: With a median age of 33.8 and 50.18 percent single male-to-female ratio, Dallas is a popular destination for singles. It helps that it also has economically friendly conditions, and a high quality social environment

A vibrant night life with an endless choice of hot spots brings out the party in just about everyone. It’s easy to say why men like Dallas, it has teams in all major sports led by the World Champion Dallas Mavericks of the NBA and baseball’s twice consecutive American League Champions, the Texas Rangers. The men of Dallas have a reputation for swagger, but peel it away and more often than not you’ll find a puppy dog just waiting for some love and attention.

Career: Like much of the Southeast and Southwest, Dallas offers generally a somewhat reduced pay scale when compared with cities of the Northeast and West, but it’s lower cost of living more than compensates for that difference.

Increasing the desirability of Dallas as a relocation destination is the fact that its economy continues to improve. It is rebounding more quickly than most other metropolitan areas throughout America.

Industries that showed particular strength throughout the last half of 2011 include financial, hospitality and leisure, healthcare, and business services. Most economists are optimistic for Dallas, along with the rest of Texas, to continue experiencing an improving rate of economic growth through 2012.

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