Top 10 Cities for Single Women: #6, Charleston, SC

By Austin Brown

Best Cities for Singles: Charleston, South Carolina

Life: If you want a city that is centrally located in the southeast, you would be hard pressed to find a better lifestyle choice than Charleston, SC. Certainly Atlanta is the dominant commercial capital of the Southeast and has one of America’s best airport hubs, but Atlanta is far from many of those things that people enjoy the most about living in the south: the warm, coastal beaches.

Charleston sits on the Atlantic coastline, whereas

Atlanta is more than a five-hour drive inland. Charleston has the charm and history of the colonial South, Atlanta by comparison is all but devoid of that rich history.

Charleston has much of the offbeat charm of a New Orleans, but far more of the lifestyle amenities that has long made the city a magnet for tourism and people interested in relocation. It’s a city with the unique character of a San Francisco with a much lower cost of living.

Love: Charleston ranks #4 in SMW’s “Single and Available” ranking.  Finding your Rhett Butler is easy, once you get into the city’s social rhythm. Getting involved is easy. People are generally friendly, laid back, and approachable without much of the off-putting defensive behaviors more commonly find in the cities of the Northeast. Check out Charleston’s numerous art galleries and parks, the Dock Street Theatre, its First City Festival, and world renowned Piccolo Spoleto Festival.

Charleston is also known for an array of fine dining options. Great tasting food and a nightcap at one of the many bars or lounges is always at your fingertips. Whether you’re a fan of sushi bars, dive bars, or bar and grills, you won’t run out of choices in this special place that loves to see the good times roll.

Career: Charleston’s economic engine is moved forward by a combination of factors, principal to which are tourism, industry, and its port. While there are jobs in all fields, if you’re life is in medical research, high-tech and other specific areas Charleston would be down on your list of choices.

But if you’re a generalist and perhaps looking to kick start your life in another direction, Charleston might be an excellent career choice. Like much of the Florida coastal cities, Charleston is loved by tourists from around the world. And North American snowbirds flock to Charleston every winter to escape the cold of Toronto, Boston, New York and elsewhere throughout the snowbelt. Hospitality is a year round industry, and the city is a regional healthcare hub, as well particularly given its large number of retirees.

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