Top 10 Single Minded Women of 2010: #6 Jane Goodall

By SMW Staff

Jane GoodallArguably, British primatolgist Jane Goodall has done more than any other living human being to advance our knowledge of other primates.

Renowned the world over for her nearly life long study of chimpanzee behavior, Goodall revealed that they have the intelligence to create and use tools and that much like their human cousins they have a dark and violent side. In fact, both male and female chimps are capable of horrific violence, not only killing outsiders, but members of their own community who threaten their position of power in their tribal communities.

Most importantly, Goodall has been a fierce defender of animal rights. And in this, the final chapter of her life, she has directed her energies toward creating a greater respect for the needs and the rights of all creatures. As the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, she travels nearly 300 days a year to advocate on behalf of the environment. She is also a board member for the world’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary outside of Africa: Save the Chimps in Fort Pierce, Florida.

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