Top 10 Single Minded Women of 2010: #10: Sandra Bullock

By SMW Staff

Sandra BullockMillions of single women, both here in America and across the globe, contribute every year to the fabric of our culture, and to the quality of our lives. From the arts to athletics, from media to government here are ten women who made a difference in 2010.

#10: Sandra Bullock

Caught in triumph and glory in the public eye in 2010, Sandra Bullock helped every woman to redefine the very meaning of grace under fire. After winning of  the Academy Award for Best Actress, Bullock found herself the center of media attention for a very different reason: the discovery that her TV-celebrity husband, Jesse James, had been having an affair.

The subsequent divorce proceedings continued to hold a public spotlight on her. In spite of the seemingly endless media feeding frenzy Bullock, much like one of her many screen roles, proved to be self-confident woman, including raising the son she and her ex-husband had recently adopted  as a single mother.

It’s a persona that clearly resonates with audiences: by the end of 2010, Bullock’s films had grossed nearly $4 billion worldwide.

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