Top 10 Single Minded Women of 2010: #4 Arianna Huffington

By SMW Staff

Arianna HaffingtonThe poster child for the modern self-made woman, Arianna Huffington is a journalist, syndicated columnist, author, essayist, and media mogul.

The former wife of a closeted Conservative Republican congressman, she famously changed political sides to become a Liberal Democrat, then reinvented herself as a 21st Century media darling whose blogging network,, became an online destination for pop culture vultures and for those who have voracious appetites for political scuttlebutt.

Huffington has flirted with politics herself, organizing an exploratory committee to run for the California governorship. But she seems happiest in supporting causes that she passionately believes in, such as The Detroit Project, a public interest group which lobbies automakers to start producing cars running on alternative fuels.

Her sharp mind, and always present, often caustic, wit assure her a place at the popular culture table for many years to come.

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