Valentine’s Day Fantasy: Sex with Your Ex?

By Josie Brown

Sitting home alone on Valentine’s Day is a pity party.

Drunk-dialing your ex for a booty call may not be the ideal solution, but it’s something many of us think about–especially on the Official Day of Love.

In a recent poll by Wet, a manufacturer of intimacy products, more than one in five respondents (22%) admitted that they’ve booty-called an ex so they’d have someone to be with on Valentine’s Day.

Those poll participants lucky already enough to have someone at their side are hoping for a frisky time on the 14th: 75% of respondents indicated that they are more likely to be adventurous in bed on Valentine’s Day.

In fact, more than half (54%) indicated that having a sex fantasy fulfilled as a Valentine’s Day gift would make them happier than receiving jewelry, chocolate, dinner at an expensive restaurant or a romantic home-cooked meal.



cigfmr180Josie Brown is’s  Relationships channel editor.

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