Very Bad Break-Ups: How to Survive Them

By Josie Brown

madonnaYour recent break-up may have not made the international news like Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s. But everyone in your social circle knows about it, so yeah, it still hurts. And yes, everyone has an opinion as to who was at fault, and why. Well, guess what? All that matters is yours.

Here’s how to keep your sanity, and salvage the rest of your life—without him…

Moving On Dont’s and Do’s

Don’t relive the agony—over, and over again.
It’s so easy to fall into the pattern of a daily pity party; to recall every positive memory, and mourn over what you perceive is lost.

Well, here’s a reality check: he’s gone.

Nothing will bring him back. And seriously, would you want it any other way? He was cruel. He was judgmental. He just wasn’t into you. And more importantly, he wasn’t right for you.

He still isn’t. And you know it.

Do get out of your house.
Go out with friends. Go out with friends who know guys. Go out with friends who are guys. Do you see a pattern here?  Go out with other guys. Half the world is made up of them. And the sooner you find a few nice ones, the sooner the misery you experienced because of him goes away.

Do be honest with yourself as to why it didn’t work.
Take a week, a month—how ever long it takes—to assess the problems that you had in this relationship. Some of the issues were his. And yes, some of the issues were yours. He’s not around, so no, he’s not changing. You, though can work on yours.

Don’t make the same mistake twice.
Forget Mr. Wrong. You now have a wonderful opportunity: to be with some guy who is right for you. Finding him will be a challenge. Meeting him will be fun. Learning about each other will be an ongoing process. You’ll like some things. You’ll roll your eyes at others. If there are some you can’t tolerate, you’re back where you started–

And that’s okay.

Better to keep looking than to settle for someone who’ll make you miserable.

So don’t settle. But keep looking. Because he’s looking too. And that’s how you’ll finally find each other.


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