Need a Matchmaker? That Answer May Be Yes. Here’s Why

By Amy Laurent

First-DateAs a professional matchmaker, I have encountered hundreds of different women. I’ve met with women who are unsure of what they are looking for; women who are unsure of who they really are…

And even women who are just dying to put a ring on their finger.

Unfortunately for women like these, matchmaking may not be the answer to their problems.

It is important to remember that matchmaking is not a quick fix and is not necessarily for everyone, however with the right motivations, lifestyle and maturity level, matchmaking can be extremely effective.

In my experience, matchmaking works best for those who can say that at least one of the following scenarios applies to them.

1.  If you have a desire to foster a meaningful, healthy relationship in order to add something to your already fulfilled life and feel comfortable with yourself as an individual first, a matchmaker can aid in your search for love.

Too many times people make the mistake of seeking a relationship because they want to fill a void or an emptiness that they feel in their lives.

It is important to remember that a significant other cannot fill that for you. Until you discover your true self and figure out how to feel complete on your own, any relationship you find yourself in will be unsuccessful. Remember that you are the only one who has the power to make yourself truly happy so make sure you feel whole and fulfilled with yourself before starting the search for a significant other.

2.  If you work 10-12 hours a day and find yourself meeting the same people over and over again or if you find yourself constantly getting asked out at places you frequent such as the gym or your office and discover that you don’t have the time to branch out on your own, matchmaking presents a great alternative for you.

Matchmaking is perfect for those who want to expand their limited parameters of the dating pool but don’t have time to do it themselves.  Matchmakers can significantly increase the chances of meeting new and eligible singles outside of your typical day-to-day social circle. Let a matchmaker do all of the work for you!  After all, it is our full time job to network, locate and connect great people who seem to compliment one another well.  Let your gym be your sanctuary and choose a drama-free workplace by considering using a matchmaker who has a good reputation and is known to be effective.  

3. If you spend a significant amount of time dating the wrong guys and feel that your time is being wasted on duds, you are the ideal candidate for a matchmaker.

Let a matchmaker investigate and evaluate your dates before you meet them. Most matchmakers screen all aspects of a prospective date’s personality including his quirks, his mannerisms and his style before introducing him to a client. Your time is too valuable to keep wasting it on ‘shot in the dark’ dates that haven’t been panning out.  After all, the guy you met at the bar last night seemed nice, but in truth, you know nothing about him.

An ideal candidate for a matchmaker is someone that has the time to date, but doesn’t have the time to continuously date the wrong people, which is why using a professional matchmaker can be like having your best friend or sister act as a buffer before each date you go on.

4.  If your friends and family constantly offer to set you up, but you feel awkward allowing them to do so, a matchmaker can help.
While your family and friends may have good intentions and they always seem to know someone “perfect” for you, matchmakers can be more subjective. A matchmaker is not rooting to pair two people together just because they’re both “such great people!” Often times, they mean well but friends and family are not the best people to skillfully set you up with your match due to the fact that there are just too many elements involved. The social outreach of your friends and family is limited and people you are closest to cannot be as subjective as an intuitive, efficient matchmaker.

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, I would absolutely recommend researching a matchmaking service that best suits your considerations and personality.

Even if you have never considered something like matchmaking before, it can do wonders to change your dating opportunities. Enter into the experience with an open, clear and positive mindset and with the right matchmaker, the sky will be your limit!

Happy Dating, Ladies!

Amy Laurent is co-founder and partner of Amy Laurent International,  a full-service matchmaking firm that caters to the relationship-minded and screen heavily to provide our clients with the ultimate experience in high end dating. The ALI agency which now represents singles located in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and the UK.

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