By SMW Staff

Elizabeth Flock booksIt’s been seven years since ME & EMMA debuted to wide acclaim, drawing comparisons to THE LOVELY BONES and TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Since then, the New York Times bestseller has sold over a half a million copies in thirteen countries, landed on high school required reading lists across the US and continues to be a beloved book club favorite.

WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SISTER by Elizabeth FlockThis summer the much-anticipated follow-up, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SISTER, is poised to become 2012’s blockbuster beach must-read. The story picks up the day ME & EMMA leaves off and follows young Carrie Parker and her mother as they drive away from the shards of their shattered lives to begin anew. Discover where they end up, who they befriend and what is revealed when little Carrie asks WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SISTER.

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