When Daddy’s New Girlfriend Is Younger Than You

By Josie Brown

Your dad may not be as fickle as Hugh Hefner, but if he considers himself a player,  as his testosterone drops, eventually the ages of the women in his life will, too. You love your father, but it sure does hurt (and maybe even feel creepy) that you could be her older sister.

To put things into perspective, consider these tips on how you can handle daddy, and his new dearest:

1. Don’t be angry—and threaten to disown him.
Like you, he’s an adult. He has a right to live his own life, and to have the relationships he wants—even if that means making mistakes. Remember, his mistakes are his, not yours.

2. Don’t be jealous.
To her, he’s a father figure, yes, but this isn’t a case of sibling rivalry. Remember, he’s in it for a different reason: the sex. And the hope some of her youthful exuberance will rub off on him (among other things.) Your role in his life is different. You’re irreplaceable. Don’t ever forget that.

3. Be friendly—but not familiar.
Cordial is one thing. But if she tries to make you her new BFF, don’t even go there. The number one reason for this is obvious: if, for any reason she outgrows him (or visa-versa) one of them is bound to get hurt—and you’ll get caught in the middle.

4. Yes, you can speak your mind—but only if he asks for your opinion.
Most fathers want their children to be happy with their choices. That said, if you show no animosity, should have have an doubts himself over his choice, he’ll be more open to asking your opinion. If he asks, don’t go into a diatribe on all the ways.

5. If it turns out that they’re both in it for the long run, cut them some slack.
All you want is your father’s happiness. If he’s accomplished that, be happy for him. That is what you’d want in return. It’s the circle the life.


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