Is Your Boyfriend a Turkey? 6 Telltale Signs

By Josie Brown

You’ve been dating him now for a while — so why don’t you bite the bullet and let him meet the parents? If you can’t stand the thought of sitting through one more Thanksgiving in which your family still teases you about your “Invisible Man,” maybe your turkey isn’t on you plate, but in your bed.  Here are six tried-and-true hints that this guy is keeping you from your just desserts: a boyfriend you’d be proud to take home for the holidays:

Hint #1: Every time he opens his mouth, you cringe.

When he says those inappropriate things, he thinks he’s being cute. You wish he’d lose his voice. You don’t need a  loose cannon on the deck of your life. Dump him!

Hint #2: Your friends would rather hang with you when you’re alone.

They love you when you’re happy and candid. If, in his presence, you feel you have to reign in your remarks, then something isn’t right, and your friends know it. (And so do you — which is why you can’t take him anywhere.) Take their advice: get out from under his dark cloud.

Hint #3: He’s a drama king.

No one needs a guy whose life is constantly in turmoil. If he can’t hold onto (a) a job (b) money (c) friends (d) a place to live, then his issues will always be bigger than you in his world. While he works them out, get on with the rest of your life.

Hint #4: He puts you down.

If he needs to make you feel low in order to boost his own ego, then he’s too insecure. Why do you need to pump him up? You don’t. Get away from him — fast.

Hint #5: Your opinions don’t matter to him.

You ask. You beg. You plead. You say something, but when you get that blank stare from him, you realize it’s  gone in one ear and out the other. Now it’s your turn to take the hint: You mean nothing to him. So, why does he mean anything at all to you?

Hint #6: Your gut instinct tells you he’d be a big disappointment to those who know and love you most.

Yep, there’s a reason why you’ve been holding off for so long to make this important introduction: You know he’s not up to snuff. Okay, girl: listen to your gut. Get rid of this guy.


Have you ever dated a turkey? We want to hear about it!

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Josie Brown is’s  Relationships channel editor.

She is also the author of SECRET LIVES OF HUSBANDS AND WIVES,, soon to be a dramatic television series on ABC, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.



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