Your New Year’s Mr. Right Resolution

By Josie Brown

Your New Year’s Mr. Right ResolutionA new year means that it’s time for new men in your life.  Out with the same-old man-ho man-boys, in with some new men who will give you what you deserve:

Love, respect, and passion.

(Broad hint here: He’s NOT buried under last night’s party favors…)

Okay, now for five new year resolutions that will put you in the arms of your Mr. Right:

Resolution #1: Move on to Plan B.
When it comes to men, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. In other words, a big, fat ZERO. Well, it’s time (no maybe’s about it) that you think out of the box about the men you let into your life.

Resolution #2: Changes the rules of the game.
The first step in doing so is to step up your game—and step out of your league, so to say.  For example, if you only date men who are referrals from friends or family, try online dating. Or, if you only date online, it’s time to take some referrals from friends and family.

Let’s say you date guys who won’t take you out. Well, don’t do that anymore. What, you don’t deserve a night out on a town? And guess what? Real men dance the tango. Especially those who are romantic and sensual. Do you get my drift here? Whatever barriers you’ve put up around your heart are keeping out the kinds of guys that may broaden your horizons—and your chances for love.

Resolution #3: Say “Yes” more than you say “No”.
You have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain. Some other things to say “Yes” to:

  • A blind date.
  • A dance with a stranger.
  • A guy who, until now, you’ve viewed as “just a friend.”
  • A gal pal vacation
  • A new job.
  • A club membership (scrabble, gym, tennis, travel, whatever)

Why? Because all of these put you in front of new people. And maybe one of these newbies is Mr. Right.

Resolution #4: Trust your gut.
How many times have you realized that the guy at your side is all wrong for you . . . but you talked yourself into sticking it out with him? Too many. This year, listen to your heart. If it tells you that it’s time to move on, do so. Time is of the essence. Remember: your Mr. Right is looking for you, too.

Resolution #5: Get out there NOW. TODAY.
If you don’t play the field, you don’t win in the game of love. Sure, you’ll strike out more times than you’ll hit home runs. But then again, you’ll only need to hit it once, to find your Mr. Right. So play to win!


Josie Brown is’s  Relationships channel editor.

She is also the author of SECRET LIVES OF HUSBANDS AND WIVES,, soon to be a dramatic television series on ABC, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.


“Hollywood’s got nothing on the cast of characters living in the bedroom community of Paradise Heights, who have the secrets, sex, money and scandal of an OK! Magazine cover story. Josie Brown is a skilled observer whose clever dialogue and feisty style make for truly entertaining reading.” –Jackie Collins, Hollywood Wives