Arrive in Style: Five Easy Pieces

By Gretchen Kelly

Isabella Rossellini once told me that when she traveled she brought everything she needed in one small carry-on bag. She’d pack a few great white shirts, a simple dress, pants, some scarves to dress it up and a few pieces of essential makeup. Two different shades of lipstick were also one of her must-have’s. “They help give you a different look,” the ex-Lancôme cover-girl told me. “One for day and one for evening.”

Isabella’s advice comes straight from the heart of a single-minded woman traveler. Now, as the face of Silversea Cruise Lines, she’s traveling all over the world on her own. Her goal, she confessed, was “adventure, not romance.” Brava, Isabella!

In the spirit of Isabella’s five piece essential carry on, we’ve asked Kiran Gowda, Marketing Director of the style savvy cataloguer, TravelSmith to pick his favorite travel clothing for women — five essential pieces that will take our chic SMW anywhere. Here are his choices:

pic1The Perfect Shirt

This one’s called the Amelia shirt, after the famous aviatrix, which makes us love it already. It’s a tunic style, wrinkle-resistant, hip length and can be word in or out, belted or free. Lots of options with this one and all comfort-centric—essential on any trip. $49.00

pic2The Black Blazer

This is your basic black blazer, done in Tropical Microfiber that resists wrinkles, has moisture-wicking lining and is very light-weight. You can also machine wash it and it will retain its slimming, slightly formal shape. $159.00

pic3The Little Black Dress

You can wear this one anywhere. To an embassy cocktail bar or for an afternoon walk through the streets of Paris. This version has ¾ sleeves and a twist front top (slenderizing for apple shapes!). The V-neck can be dressed up with a choker or scarf, too. $89.00

pic4Tunic and leggings

These separates can be used together or you can wear the tunic as a Pucci-inspired dress. Again, black and white goes everywhere and the bold print gives your carry-on bag of essentials, an infusion of light-hearted style. Tunic, $69 and Leggings, $39

All available at

PS: Two of our favorite lipsticks for your Isabella-inspired travel bag (not Lancôme, but Chanel) are Velvet Vamp and Mink. Mink is a creamy, neutral matte that gives you poofy Angelina Jolie lips. Velvet Vamp turns any look up a notch for sexy sophistication. Chanel lipsticks are also famed for their lasting power. And you hardly ever get the stick-on-your teeth phenomenon that lesser pigmented lipsticks produce.

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