Best Cruise Destinations for Single Women

By George Cruikshank

Portree credit Lobsterphoto

Portree – photo credit: Lobsterphoto

As a single woman with the world at your feet, the number of holiday choices are vast and can often be quite overwhelming. From adventurous trips in the countryside and visiting far away friends to relaxing beach holidays and weekend city breaks, deciding where to go for a well-deserved holiday takes a fair bit of consideration.

In recent years, cruise ship getaways have become increasingly popular among single men and women. With all food and drink included, superb daytime activities, great evening entertainment and a hassle free experience guaranteed, here are some of the top cruise destinations for any ladies looking to rest, relax and have fun.

British Isles

Even though there are several 2013 British Isles cruise ship holidays available throughout the year, a trip around UK and Irish shores in summertime is hard to beat. Benefiting from a comfortable daytime climate and long mild evenings, watching the sunset over a calm ocean is an experience not to be missed.

From fairly small trips that take in a couple of regional areas to fortnight long cruises exploring every corner of these two sovereign states, there will be a length and type of trip that suits every individual.

Holidaymakers can start on the east coast and travel up the North Sea, arriving in historical Scottish locations such as Edinburgh and Kirkwall as well as picturesque harbors like Portree. The bustling cities of Belfast and Dublin provide a great deal of excitement, while coastal towns including Torquay showcase England’s quaint and peaceful side.

Monaco credit Roberto C

Monaco – photo credit: Roberto C.


With some fantastic cuisine on offer, numerous sites of cultural interest and pleasant year-round temperatures, a trip to the Mediterranean is a favorite among single women. There is nothing quite like lounging on a cruise ship’s deck while it makes its way around stunning coastlines in a beautifully blue sea.

Some of the most popular itineraries will take in Spanish locations like Barcelona, which boasts some amazing buildings designed by renowned architect Antoni Gaudí, the famed La Rambla Boulevard and some of the best beaches in the world.

Moving on to the French Riviera, destinations like Saint-Tropez, Nice and Monaco are awash with opulence and grandeur. With esteemed festivals taking place throughout the year, you may even rub shoulders with a celebrity or two.

Both Livorno and Venice on either side of Italy are home to narrow lanes and a network of canals, with any gondola trip perfectly accompanied by a famous gelato.


For a truly relaxing time away, a cruise in the Caribbean cruise will make any everyday worries or concerns disappear. Thanks to a great deal of islands situated in such a small region, there are many locations to visit.

You’re guaranteed to come across a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and plenty of sun in countries like Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, St Lucia, Barbados and many more.

There is even an opportunity to discover the roots of the Mayan civilization at Mexico’s Chichen Itza archaeological site and unearth the charms of Costa Rica, one of Central America’s most diverse and intriguing destinations.

George Cruikshank has spent the best part of his life travelling around Europe, having worked as tourist guide in Italy, Croatia and Greece. Having settled down in Rome, he now regularly writes for some of the best online travel publications.