Destination: Destiny

By Jody Yetti

porchviewWhat does being a single woman who makes her own decisions, without having to ask anyone else, have to do with your next vacation? Everything!

But why is it when single women need something most, the thought of having it (even though it’s within our power) eludes us? Even our most basic desires begin with a simple want of something we don’t have.

How do you go from wishing for a much needed getaway to making it happen? It’s easy as picking up the phone.

Destination: Destiny

When considering your dream trip, cost should never be a deterrent. Any destination is attainable with the proper amount of planning and compromise.

  1. If you can’t afford a 5-star hotel, consider a 3 or 4-star property.
  2. Not all vacations have to last a week. Long weekends and four-night stays will save you money and still allow you to get away now.
  3. Choose a garden view room over an ocean view.
  4. Airline miles can save you a bundle. When airfare is free, this only leaves the expense of lodging and food. A free ticket to Hawaii from Los Angeles, for example, can save from $650 to $900, depending on the season.

Time to Travel

Single women looking for a bargain should also weigh the pros and cons of off-season travel.

Ever consider Europe in the winter? Airfares are at their lowest, and often rock bottom prices. So what if you dress in layers?

Let me share one of my experiences: It was November, and the opportunity presented itself (at a great price) to go to Russia. The temperature was a mind-boggling 30 degrees below zero. But, if I hadn’t seized the chance I may never have gotten there. When opportunity knocks, should I care if I need a winter coat?

When making any decision, what’s served me best thus far is creating opportunity. “No” is never an option.

Remember: As long as we have options, we have the world at our fingertips.


Jody Yetti, a single woman business owner and seasoned traveler, has been in the travel industry for more than 20 years. She owns Jody’s Travel Inc., a full-service travel agency for single women and other savvy travelers, located in Moriches, NY. Jody can be reached at 631-281-3636 or

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