Ibiza: A Single Woman’s Paradise

By Jody Yetti

istock_ibizaSex, sin and plenty of sun – Ibiza is known for its hedonistic ways, but where is this little bit of paradise? Ibiza is located in the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain but truth be told, it’s not the easiest island to get to.

Iberia airlines services most flights. Depending on where you are coming from, you will require connections in most cases. However, it’s worth the extra effort for single women looking for some fun.

If you are nocturnal by nature and fueled by excitement and adventure, Ibiza may be the place that stimulates your soul. When I first arrived in Ibiza I was immediately aware of the energy that rocked the entire island.

Ibiza by Day

Ibiza offers a casual carefree ambiance with vendors and their souvenirs perfectly positioned on cobbled streets and alleys. Colorful clothes hang for passersby to marvel at and high-end storefronts display designer clothing where the hip and affluent shop for the latest styles and innovations in fashion.

The beach is only steps away at almost any given point on the island. Outdoor cafes lined with umbrellas are placed along the coastline giving travelers the perfect excuse for a cocktail at a moment’s notice. International cuisine is served, and island specialties such as lobster and monkfish are among the local favorites.

One of the more spectacular sights to see in Ibiza is the castle Almudaina, the tallest building in the capital, which houses nine towers. There are structural ruins that date back to the 12th and 13th centuries, and “current” buildings that date back to the 16th and 18th centuries. The palace is inside the walled area located in the Dalt Vila section – the high part of the city. The lower part of the city is called the Sa Penya.

There is a grounded, good nature feeling from all who arrive in this city. With it’s diversity of tourists, Ibiza is all welcoming, all accepting, and all knowing, and it knows that when night falls the entire tempo of the island will explode as if a volcano has erupted.

Ibiza by Night

The nightlife here is unparalleled.  As dusk falls upon the island, Ibiza turns into a frenetic pace, throbbing with music until sunrise.

Alcohol-infused bodies can be found sleeping on the beach before the sun comes up and yes, you can have sex on the beach (the non alcoholic kind) without incident until the sun rises, which becomes an annoyance for those whose intoxication has not worn off yet.

Ibiza is a European playground with a plethora of rich, famous, gay, straight, and common folk that have one thing in common: the desire to be cosmopolitan in one of the most prestigious hot spots in the world. It’s not uncommon to see celebrities shopping along the shore, thanks to the endless stream of cafes that cater to those who simply wish to sit and eat or pass the time away until nightfall.

During my visit to Ibiza, what I found most intriguing were the groups of people who wandered around unattached, but with new found friends from the night before. Most had come by themselves and some stay for the entire season to work as bartenders and waiters, just for the opportunity to be part of what is truly a cultural phenomenon.

My biggest thrill was walking along the shore in search of the perfect souvenir for a friend. I always look for something unique from my travels, and on this trip I stumbled upon what seemed to be a gumball machine that held plastic containers the size of a tennis ball with something inside. Curious by nature, I dropped a coin that amounted to the equivalent of a U.S. dollar in the slot and waited for the ball to roll out. Once in hand, I popped off the plastic cap. With both astonishment and delight I marveled at the greatest concept in the most appropriate environment I have ever seen.

Inside was nothing more than a unisex thong and a condom! As if there was nothing else in the world you would need when away from home, it gives new meaning to the term eye candy.


Jody Yetti, a single woman business owner and seasoned traveler, has been in the travel industry for more than 20 years. She owns Jody’s Travel Inc., a full-service travel agency for single women and other savvy travelers, located in Moriches, NY. Jody can be reached at 631-281-3636 or www.jodystravelagency.com.

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