Japan Airline to Offer Women-only Toilets

By Melanie Nayer


Don’t you just hate it when you walk into the bathroom to find he left the toilet seat up, and didn’t quit hit his target? Don’t you hate it when it happens in a 2×2 space in an airplane?

Japan’s All Nippon Airways is answering the prayers of women worldwide: Starting in March 2010, all the women flying All Nippon Airways will have a toilet all to themselves. The airline is designating one restroom on most international routes as female-only.

Apparently, the airline has had numerous requests for this lavatory luxury and soon the women-only bathroom will be available to women passengers on all flight classes. An airline official told a Japan news service that based on a survey conducted in 2007,  women do not like using shared toilets as men sometimes leave the seat up.

Don’t worry guys – ANA said men would be allowed to use the lavatory only in emergencies or when there were very few female passengers on the flight.

We want to hear from you: What other women-only amenities would you like airlines to institute?