Las Vegas Nightclubs: The Good, the Bad, and the Sexy

By Kate McCulley

Vegas-danceA Las Vegas vacation isn’t complete until you’ve hit the floor at one of the many fabulous nightclubs. Whether you sneak into a celebrity’s entourage, kiss a hottie or just dance your heels off with your girlfriends, you’ll have a story to tell telling for months.

There are dozens of great clubs in Las Vegas, each with a different vibe. But no matter where you go, get your group on the guest list. Club promoters are always looking for single women, and there is no reason why an all-female group should ever have to wait in line at a club in Vegas!

Here are seven popular clubs and how they rank for single women.


Tryst at the Wynn – A creation of mogul Steve Wynn, Tryst takes red leather, mosaic mirrors and lots of gold and turns what would ordinarily be a gaudy mess into an elegant backdrop. Step in further and you’ll find a giant waterfall underneath the night sky. The layout is open, airy and gives you plenty of space.

What makes Tryst special is the table scene. If you’re a woman, all you need to do is make eye contact with a group of guys at a table and they will invite you to join them, pouring you some complimentary Patron or Grey Goose. Getting bored? Get up, make eye contact with another table and join them. You will find one again, and again. Why does this always happen at Tryst in particular? Maybe it’s all in the name, but we’re not complaining!

XS at the Encore – Another brainchild of Steve Wynn. Take everything about Tryst and crank it up to 11, and you’ve got XS. But, rather than opening onto a waterfall, it opens onto a pool with landscaped gardens and an elegant gazebo complete with blackjack tables! The dance floor also has the largest chandelier you’ve ever seen outside Phantom of the Opera.

At XS at Encore, the VIP section isn’t restricted, like at most clubs. It’s pretty amazing that you can grab a drink at the bar, then turn around and find yourself face to face with a TV star and his model wife. And there are plenty of stars there. Though XS only opened in January 2009, its immediate stellar reputation has drawn the celebrities in droves.

Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel – Body English is unlike any other club in Vegas. It’s off the Strip, it’s underground, and it takes rock ‘n roll to a new level. Walking downstairs into the basement, it feels like you’re entering a secret club nobody knows about. Guys wear designer t-shirts with trendy ripped jeans, and showing skin is in – especially when the skin in question is covered with tattoos.

Body English DJs incorporates a lot of rock into their music, and the dance floor features several raised platforms where only women are allowed to dance. Surveying the club from that platform and belting out “I Love Rock & Roll” will bring out the rock star in you more than anything else.


Tao at the Venetian – One of the most famous clubs in Las Vegas, Tao is where you’ll find dozens of golden Buddhas and live models cavorting in a bathtub full of rose petals. It’s also where you’re most likely to find several celebrities on any given Friday or Saturday.

Tao does, however, take a long time to get going. The dancing doesn’t really take off until 1:30 or 2:00 a.m. and no matter what day it is, the bars are 10-deep in every direction. You could easily end up waiting half an hour for a drink.

My advice? Plan to be out late, and go to a less-trafficked bar tucked into a corner of the room.

Jet at the Mirage – Jet has a lot of potential. However, Jet hasn’t quite caught on as one of the top clubs in Vegas. To combat this, there are tons of giveaways for women each night, including open bar specials. Club promoters offer these specials to every female they can find. As a result, the club is overflowing with girls, many of them barely 21 and swinging on the stripper poles. But you can’t argue with a free open bar. Go there for the freebies at 10:30 p.m., then sneak out and get to your next club by midnight.


PURE at Caesars Palace PURE is one of the most famous and celebrity-studded clubs in Las Vegas. The music is excellent; the DJs are renowned. The terrace overlooks the Strip, and there are half a dozen different rooms. So, what could ever be the problem? The crowds. PURE is always so abominably crowded, you can never move. While there’s room to stand on the terrace or in the smaller rooms, it’s nearly impossible to get onto the dance floor itself – and face it, you came here to dance! It’s a shame, because it ruins the atmosphere at an otherwise great club.

Bank at the Bellagio – The Bellagio represents all that is classy, gorgeous, and expensive and it’s nightclub Bank certainly reflects this style. Upon admission, you ascend an escalator in near pitch-darkness, entering a visually stunning space of glittering lights and beaded chandeliers above a sunken dance floor. And the club probably has the worst layout in Vegas: a giant square surrounded by square walkways. Crowds inevitably get pushed into the corners, where the VIP tables are located. After an hour of bouncers yelling at you for getting too close to the VIP area as unremarkable music plays overhead, you’ll be on your way out.


Keep in mind that any club can be a blast when you’re in the right mood. Of course, any club can be terrible when the vibe isn’t there. The odds are in your favor when you party at Tryst, XS or Body English.

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