Paris: Single and Swept Away

By Melanie Nayer

Paris, France Eiffel TowerIt’s tough being a single woman. Aside from the typical annoyances that fill our day, we have fashion to consider. Chloe, Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent, Christian Louboutin – how can you say no? Ah, but being a single woman also means knowing when to say no. Thankfully, with a trip planned to Paris, you can put all will power aside and cave into your indulgences.

First step: booking a cheap flight to Paris. Why spend the money on airfare when you can spend it on shopping? Europe’s high tourist season is always the summer months, but thanks to a drop in air travel over the past year, airlines have dropped their summer travel prices. A search online yielded airfares as low as $450 round-trip to Paris. (excluding fees and taxes).

Where to stay is equally as important as how you get there. Paris hotels are located in one of the 20 arrondissements, each one with its own attitude.

My hotel was perfectly placed in the 6th arrondissement, known as Paris’s boutique district. The Jardin le bréa was hidden off a side street and but perfectly placed within walking distance from Jardin du Luxembourg and the grand Notre Dame Cathedral. Steps from some of Paris’s famed cafes, patisseries and plenty of boutique shops, I nourished myself in the morning with a fresh croissant and cup of coffee before I set out to explore all that Paris had to offer.

It wasn’t my first trip to the City of Light. Paris stole my heart almost nine years ago when I first stepped under the Eiffel Tower and watched in amazement as the sun set behind the steel structure. I was romanced, swept off my feet and sent spinning along the Sienne and even as I tried to contain my enthusiasm, I knew what was happening: I was falling in love.

Quick tip for the single traveler: Take the first few days in Paris to tour all the must-sees and save the end of your trip for walking aimlessly through side streets and parks. Relax in restaurants, mosey through gardens and stumble upon shops you won’t find at home. Chances are, you’ll find yourself a gift meant just for you.

Before you leave Paris behind, take one night and pay homage to best thing about being single in Paris: the Plaza Athenee.

Unleash your inner-Carrie Bradshaw (a la the final episode of “Sex and the City“), and head straight to the bar. The drink menu is digital, so you can casually flip through the designer drinks while wearing your favorite designer.

While I can’t promise a gorgeous Russian (see: Mikhail Baryshnikov) will offer you a life of art and culture, or that your very own Mr. Big will whisk you away on the Pont Neuf, I can promise this: one night in Paris and you’ll be swept away.

Melanie Nayer is a travel writer and travel enthusiast who writes about destinations around the world. Resources

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