People, Places and Things by Michelle Pompier

By SMW Staff

Travel book for single womenHave you ever wanted to travel, but did not have anyone to travel with you?  Well who says you cannot travel on your own?  This is what Michelle decided to do.  Michelle was a single woman in her thirties looking for adventure and for the last ten years she had been spending much of her free time traveling around the world and meeting new people.  Her love of travel was inspired by her first trip to Ireland with her aunt for the Dublin Marathon.  The travel bug hit her and she ventured out to see more of the world.  From building a home in a remote village in Africa and white water rafting down the Nile, touring through the French countryside, and eventually buying a home in the Tuscan foothills, this book will take you across the seas to visit new people and places.

This story is fiction but all the places and facts are real.  Michelle will take you traveling through the eyes of a single woman, and along the way she meets new and exciting people, discovers incredible things and visits amazing places.  Follow Michelle’s life of adventure, love and sharing.  Along the way you will grow to better appreciate this wonderful world we live in and hopefully be inspired to do some traveling yourself.  Enjoy!!

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