Single Women’s Gift Guide to the 8 Days of Chanukkah

By Melanie Nayer

Single Women’s Gift Guide to the 8 Days of ChanukkahChanukkah lights are glowing, dreidels are spinning, latkes are baking and chocolate gelt is making its way around the table. It’s the Festival of Lights and in the words of Adam Sandler, we get eight crazy nights!

While December is usually the most chaotic month of the year, for me it’s the one month I’m not traveling, not living out of a suitcase, not running through airports and I’m not cramming myself into a last-minute standby seat on the last flight home for the day.

What’s this have to do with Chanukkah? Well, my mother might say it’s a sign that I should take some time off, relax, get some sleep and maybe get a haircut/color. While that might be true, it’s also given me the opportunity to really think: what does this single gal want for Chanukkah?

We have the 12 days of Christmas (and the 12 days of cocktails), so now, it’s time for the 8 days of Channukah – the ultimate wish list for single women travelers wanting something a little special this holiday season (operative word: ‘wish’):

1. Hermes leather notebook: Nothing says style like Hermes and at $300, this leather journal says “you’re so special” in so many ways. This journal is a great travel companion (and I guarantee the men who make the pages of this book will also be something special).

2. A pony: Isn’t it what every girl wishes for? When you can’t fly, train, boat or drive… ride.

3. First-class flights to Singapore: Why Singapore? Because Singapore Airlines is the only airline that flies from the U.S. to Singapore direct with full-sized beds in first-class. It’s the ultimate way to fly, and I’m quite certain you can find plenty to do once you’re there. Price: It’s a lot, but we’re worth it.

4. Cookies: There’s something to be said for the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. For starters, I don’t think you have to celebrate Christmas in order to put any of these items on your list. What better way to soothe a single woman’s soul than with giant chocolate chip cookies? Price: $65, but they have lower priced options.

5. Space flight: You can’t find the right man on Earth, so why not head to the moon? Thanks to Virgin Galactic, seats on the upcoming first commercial space flight are going for around $200,000.

6. George Clooney (it’s a wish list, folks): The eternal bachelor is getting some Oscar buzz thanks to his travel movie, Up in the Air. Price: I don’t know how much he’d be auctioned off for, but you start the bidding at around $20 and grab your single gal pal a movie ticket and a bag of buttered popcorn.

7. Youth. We can’t turn back the hands of time, but we’re told La Mer can.  Grab the La Mer Luxury Essentials skincare line – a trio of La Mer products sure to make you glow a little more. Price: $630

8. Marquis Jet Card: What better way for a woman to see the world than on her own private jet?  The Marquis Jet Card is the only program that provides access to NetJets, the world’s leader in luxury jets.

Bonus gift: It’s a priceless item, it comes in all shapes and sizes, and this year for Chanukkah I simply wish you all love. While the wish list items above might be a little luxurious (and let’s face it, they are a little unrealistic, but we dare to dream), love costs nothing. In the words of John Lennon, “All you need is love…”

Happy holidays!