Summertime in The Hamptons at the Montauk Yacht Club

By Melanie Nayer

Ah, the Hamptons… home to P. Diddy’s White Party, Martha’s famous gardens and a few fancy yachts, courtesy of the Hiltons and a few Kardashians. Even the Jonas Brothers got into the Hamptons craze last year (wait, are they old enough to be part of the Hamptons crowd?).

The Hamptons is without question New York’s summer hot spot. Whether you’re partying it up on the docks or hanging beach-side with a bottle of SPF and a fresh cocktail, there’s no beating the scene on this island.

Despite what you read about in Page Six and hear from TMZ, however, the Hamptons has a few quiet, but equally as exciting, spots for tourists. On a recent trip to the Hamptons, I checked into the Montauk Yacht Club for some rest and relaxation by the bay.

The Montauk Yacht Club is situated only 6 miles from “the end” of the Hamptons. Surrounded by local fisheries, bait shops, beaches and a quaint ‘downtown’, MYC offers the perfect blend of vacation-relaxation-meets-summertime-activities. The ‘club’ has been a perennial favorite for more than eight decades, and has served as a playground for some of Manhattan’s high-rollers and Long Island’s favorite families.  On any given weekend you’ll sit next to reality TV stars, celebrities, well-known millionaires and local families. There’s a hodge-podge of status at that MYC, which makes this destination one of the friendliest and more comfortable spots in the Hamptons.

Montauk Yacht Club harbor

Each of the 150+ rooms at the Montauk Yacht Club are designed in a simple nautical theme. Blue and white stripes play center stage to light wood furniture and wall decor of boats and slip-knots. French doors separate bathrooms from bedrooms, and most rooms at the club have their own balcony, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or an evening sunset from the comfort of your own adirondack chairs.

The resort’s restaurant offers everything from clam chowder and fresh oysters to burgers and fries. Recently opened this year is Hurricane’s, the MYC’s in-house pizzeria. (Bonus: The club waives the room service ‘delivery fees’ for pizza orders, in an effort to help compete against local pizzarias.) During the daytime, sing along with the club’s poolside entertainment (which did fantastic renditions of Lady Gaga during my stay), or hop a charter boat for a day of fishing or sungazing. If you catch something, the club’s chefs will clean and cook it for you!

Nearby, dockside restaurants offer fresh seafood and BYOB specials. Uncork your favorite bottle or share a six-pack while you crack open a fresh lobster or dive into a bowl of steamed mussels. Take a scenic drive to the Montauk Lighthouse and stop off for some ice cream on your way back to the club.

When night falls on Montauk, the MYC dresses up for the party. DJs are brought in to keep the house rocking – inside and out – and you just never know what kind of mischief and mayhem might ensue on club grounds. Treat yourself to a midnight snack of the club’s amazing key lime pie and enjoy a night of people-watching, or an idyllic moment under the moonlight.

Montauk beach walk

I woke up one morning for a run along the beach and was captivated by how serene the area seemed. I ended my run at the far end of one of the club’s docks, flanked on either side by 30-foot yachts, and took a moment to take it all in – the sun, the lake, the boats and the birds were all situated so perfectly against the backdrop of the Montauk Yacht Club, you almost forget you’re in the Hamptons.

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