The Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project Offers a New Canyon Experience

By Sheryl Kayne

gray wolfDon’t just visit the Grand Canyon – be part of the drive that returns wolves to their natural habitat along the North and South rims of the canyon. Here’s a great volunteer opportunity to make an already planned trip to the Grand Canyon even more meaningful, and get educated about the history of the wolf in its natural habitat in this wolf recovery program.

The Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project is a grassroots, nonprofit group working to educate people and garner support to reintroduce the wolf into its natural habitat on both the North and South Rims of the Grand Canyon, where it once thrived before being hunted to extinction. With this volunteer opportunity, you can visit the Grand Canyon and take an active part in preserving its future.

You’ll receive two hours of training and education before being asked to donate to the conservation efforts, which take place May through August. You can also receive a stipend for volunteering five or more days.

One guest, Erin, along with her husband and two-year-old son, cousin, in-laws and nephew, camped out for four nights at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and donated a few hours of their time for three days to the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project. Erin was previously trained by the Wolf Recovery Project’s director, Paula Lewis. Erin was provided with pamphlets, bumper stickers, a coyote’s skull, a mold of a wolf’s footprint, a huge stuffed wolf and dog, coyote, and wolf scat.

“Kids of all ages were drawn to our table. I was impressed with the parents who followed their kids’ leads, asking questions and engaging in a lively dialogue about the issues,” says Erin. “Many people wanted to do more. A professional wildlife photographer offered to create a new brochure. Others signed up for an e-mail list to receive action alerts on pending legislation, make phone calls, come to another event, help stuff envelopes, give donations, or educate others. My family and I have already decided we’re doing it again next year.”

And you can do it too. Consider adding volunteering to your next trip to the Grand Canyon.

For more information: The Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project (P.O. Box 1594, Flagstaff, AZ 86002; 928-202-1325;; Training will be provided at the City of Flagstaff Public Library; you can find training session and program dates, along with a Volunteer Request Form, on the GCWRP Web site.

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